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Will Gerrard Be Included In The England World Cup Squad?

With a poor performance against Scotland the other night from Steven Gerrard, it got me wondering – can we (England) afford to drop our captain for another player, and if so, is there anyone able to replace him with?

I know Gerrard will still do a job for England, and he is obviously still a quality player, but I just don’t feel England should be lining up with a 33-year-old midfielder who is predominantly known for his explosive bursts forward and shuttling back. I am also going to presume that the form that he showed during the England game was due to rustiness – I have no clue how much football he has played for Liverpool in their friendlies. For me, Gerrard has never really worked for England. Before the 2012 Euros he lacked discipline in following tactical orders and just seemed to bomb about the pitch at his heart’s content. As a result, it would pull England’s already poor shape about even further leaving more holes that needed to be plugged. We can implode at our own accord, Stevie – we don’t need your help!

Gerrard would also often try to execute Hollywood balls as often as possible. He did it in the Scotland game on Wednesday and, fair enough, he has proven it is effective. But if you’re up against a big, robust team like Scotland, who live for the physical side of it and you’re knocking it up to a five foot ten Wayne Rooney, it’s not going be in our favour. It makes us, as a sporting nation, look bad when he’s dropping into a full-back position and punting it forty yards up front to then lose the ball into midfield where you’ve only got Tom Cleverley and a unfit Jack Wilshere. Against a more tactically-diverse team we would of been absolutely battered.

On the other hand, it’s not like England have a spoil of riches in the midfield position. I’d rather a blind, one legged Gerrard than a fully fit Gareth Barry, and I don’t really know who else could do it? I think Scott Parker will be phased out of the England picture now he has seemingly dropped down into the Championship. Tom Huddlestone has never hit the potential that he could have brought to Tottenham, but may find it at Hull City Tigers this year. So it only really leaves Frank Lampard, but he will presumably be a bit part player for Chelsea this year and may have a role coming off the bench for England during qualifiers and maybe the actual tournament IF we qualify for the World Cup. Which leaves us with Michael Carrick. However, I can’t see Hodgson dropping Gerrard for him, but perhaps alongside him and maybe dropping Cleverley?

I don’t know, it’s giving me a headache just thinking about it. I’m kind of glad it’s not my job.