A Light-hearted Look At Mesut Ozil

In this post I will be having a light-hearted look at Arsenal new boy Mesut Ozil and his most distinguishing feature; his eyes.

Ozil’s eyes are remarkable and it is rumoured that a big reason for his success is the mesmerizing effect his gaze has on opposing players, causing them to lose focus of what he is doing thus allowing the nifty little German playmaker to provide defence shredding passes with ease.

It is vital, in fact, for every world class player to have a very noticeable feature to distract opponents with. Gareth Bale has his ears and despite them being pinned back a little now still bamboozle players who claim they have never seen anything like it.

Bale’s new teammate Cristiano Rolando’s ludicrously greasy hair bewilders and horrifies his opponents in equal measure allowing him stride past them and score lots and lots of goals. With Ronaldo’s Catalan counterpart Lionel Messi’s height, the Argentine wonderkid is able to run through the legs of his opponents.

Getting back to Ozil, though, Arsenal have made a fine acquisition and with Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta, Arsene Wenger possesses one of the best midfields in the division. Does the purchase of Ozil make Arsenal contenders? They still need a back up for Olivier Giroud and a centre-back. I think Arsenal are two or three players away from the finished article but Ozil signing is significant in so many other ways for the club.

Anyway, here are ten of the chap’s best assists for you. Enjoy.