Chris Waddle’s Finest Moment (Video)

It is interesting to note that when Chris Waddle moved from Tottenham to Marseille it was for a fee of £4.3m, making it the third highest fee paid for a player ever in 1989. 24 years later and Gareth Bale has been sold to Real Madrid for £85.6m. Bonkers.

Anyway, back to Waddle and that move to Marseille proved to be very beneficial for both parties as the former Spurs and Newcastle man played the best football of his career and the club won the French league three times in four years.

Nevermind his shambolic attempts at a pop career, Waddle was the man of the moment in Marseille during his time there and he came second to John Pierre Papin in vote for the club’s player of the century. Despite a terrible hairstyle, Waddle was adored in France as they found his Geordie accent endearing and his football dazzling.

During his first season in France Waddle was quick to show his new employers that that £4m was money well spent and it was this moment of magic against Paris-Saint Germain that Waddle justified his price tag and became a fan favourite.

Marseille’s rivalry with PSG is one of France’s most intense and heated, so to pull of this little gem during one of those games is a superb way to start your career in a different country.

Not only does Waddle perfectly weight the lob over the goalkepper but Waddle then has the audacity and nerve to side heel it into the empty net. He nearly messed it up, though. The fool.