The Not So Super Sunday

I’ve had enough of Sky rolling out the most pretentious term in football. I’ve just had to endure the most boring “Super Sunday” and I can’t take it anymore.

This isn’t the first time I’ve put myself through a dire collection of games on a Sunday. Now I have Sunday’s off work, I lay down in my bed and start up Sky around midday to watch the football, and I’ll look at the fixture list where there will be a top six team involved somewhere against a bottom three team. Normally, the favourites will win one or two nil – not exactly thrilling, certainly not worthy of the prefix of super.

Then it’ll be a ‘Stoke vs West Ham at the Britannia’ at four o’clock, and that’s always going to be a good game, isn’t it?

Then begins all the recycled build up montages for half an hour before kick-off – you’ll generally see the same package of crunching tackles, goalkeepers tipping the ball round the corner of the post and a random worldie of a goal from one of the players involved in the match, normally with the backing music being either “Fire” or “Club Foot” by Kasabian.

After all these years of absorbing the spiel that Sky turn out it’s finally worn me out. The normal pointless interview with either manager who normally just list what players that have returned from injury and made the bench and how they “need to start playing early” or some other media-trained monotonous garbage.

Then the match will begin, with Stoke making niggling fouls and West Ham aimlessly pumping the ball into the box, and there will be about three shots with none on target for the entire bleedin’ game.

Then, the broadcasting team will make a little snidey comment on how their matches they presented wasn’t “super” as expected.


But how could they better it?

Perhaps making it an interactional thing with the audience, you could make even more money out of it, the fans can text in if they matches were deemed good enough to be “super”.

I just don’t want my hopes being built up by Sky Sports as they keep their poxy alliteration in their package of football matches. STOP.