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The Pros And Cons Of Being A Glory Hunter

With all the torment and stress the loyalty to your team can bring, why do we bother putting up with it week in, week out?

 Firstly, I’m an Arsenal supporter. I was alive when we were at the absolute zenith of world football, I witnessed the arrival of all-time record goalscorer Thierry Henry and become arguably one of the best strikers in world football at my club. As well at Thierry, I saw a defenders at Arsenal such as Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole to name a few, I even saw my team go forty-nine games undefeated and become the invincibles.

On the other hand, I’ve witnessed Francis Jeffers become one of the biggest flops in recent years for Arsenal. I’ve had to watch the the transition from one of the most intimidating defences in world football to Pascal Cygan scoring an own-goal from about twenty yards out because the ball skimmed off his head. Thinking about this, I wouldn’t change anything about it – it’s obvious we would never remain one of the best teams in the world, so when I support them at the top of their game, it wouldn’t be right to not support them at their lowest as well.

The idea of glory hunting does makes sense, though, doesn’t it? You’ll never be able to receive stick from other fans because you have no allegiance to one club. You’ll never be able to have the whole “we have more history” argument thrown at you because you can just find a club with a rich history. Obviously, I’d never switch allegiances from my team I have grown up supporting.

I have thought about the idea of it and it just doesn’t compute, at all. I just can’t imagine looking up another teams result before Arsenal. I don’t care how bad they may become, Arsenal have become ingrained and I admire fans of lower league teams. I’ve witnessed the highs and I know the “lows” of Arsenal would be pipe dreams to a League One team or someone, but some fans have never seen their team do relatively well yet they still dedicate time and money to their team as they know maybe one day, they might become great.

Football is an investment and we are all emotional shareholders in our club.