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5 players that can inspire Arsenal to glory this season

Arsenal and winning trophies has been a love story put on hold for too long. They’ve gone from having the confidence and the mindset to win any trophy they can compete in to blind optimism in recent years. They’ve come close on a couple of occasions though. Champions League final in 2006 and that League Cup final spring to mind but they haven’t quite been able to get past the finishing line. Mesut Ozil’s arrival has renewed faith in the fans that they can actually win something this season. Which is why the first player on my list is, without a doubt, Mesut Ozil.

1. Mesut Ozil- The Germany international signed for Arsenal on deadline day just a few weeks ago and has impressed in his outings so far, grabbing three assists in three games and creating many more chances for his team mates. His impact has been felt on and off the pitch as the players around seem more confident in their own abilities, Ramsey in particular is showing what he’s really made of. If Ozil can maintain the form he’s showing now throughout the whole season then he can be Arsenal’s best asset.

2. Bacary Sagna- A lot has been said about the Frenchman over the past couple of seasons – whether he’s actually fit enough, if he has the quality to play anymore, or if Jenkinson better than him. Last season all these questions were surrounding the full back but he has blown away any criticisms by churning out performance after performance this season in both the right back and centre back positions. His versatility, experience and intelligence can inspire the players around him and also the younger talents such as Jenkinson and Hector Bellerin. Absolutely crucial to this team and how well they do.

3. Aaron Ramsey- Just because he’s my favourite player in the world does not mean he automatically makes the list, but under certain circumstances his inclusion is a must. These certain circumstances include his amazing performances this season and the fact that he’s hit a rich vein of form in front of goal. His energy, grit, determination, passion and ability combined has created a monster of a player and one that Arsenal desperately need this season. Players often feed off another player’s confidence. Something which Ramsey oozes.

4. Theo Walcott- Another player that has faced a lot of criticism in his career so far. Has he already reached his potential? Is he actually any good or even useful in this team? Is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain better than him? Arsenal fans do like a good question. It’s not like he’s blown the criticism away like Sagna has this season, but his importance to the team and the inspiration he brings has been shown in patches. He’s a player that people can warm to – he’s well spoken, calm, enthusiastic and intelligent. He can talk to the players that are struggling and can boost their confidence. A huge bonus for a team that is generally quite young. Inspiration through the use of words, I bet you never considered that.

5. Per Mertesacker- Every defence needs a player like Per. Incredible leadership qualities means he can organise his defence like their his own chess pieces. Has the feel of a father figure, and not because he dwarfs most of the players in the team, but because he’s always talking to them. A great example of this was after the penalty shoot-out yesterday, which decided the fate of the Arsenal-West Brom League Cup game, Per was seen to be consoling young Serge Gnabry as he missed his penalty. Despite winning, he still felt like he needed to talk to his players. Captain material and father figure – an absolute must for Arsenal this season.

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