Robert Lewandowski: bound for Bayern

With news emerging this week that Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski will sign a contract with rivals Bayern Munich in January (how?) as Jurgen Klopp loses another of his prized assets to reigning Bundesliga champions.

You can imagine Klopp sitting down in his home as he heard the news, calling his wife over and saying the following:

“Bloody typical, darling, first those cheeky sods in Munich take Mario Gotze off me but now Lewandowski is on his way too.”

Bayern really are just a bunch of big bullies, aren’t they? It is hard to sympathize with Dortmund’s fans which is why I will be hoping that they can continue their magnificent early season form and take back the Bundesliga crown from their rivals.

Lewandowski will be quite a loss, though, as he has become Dortmund’s talisman; the man to go to when times are tough and a goal is needed. Klopp certainly won’t be happy to lose such a threat but a decent replacement appears to have been signed in the form of new striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who has begun his Dortmund at a blisteringly fast pace.

Unfortunately, though, the reality is that Dortmund have lost yet another star to the juggernaut that is Bayern Munich and they will be mighty lucky if they are able to keep Marco Reus too. 

Anyway, look on the bright side Dortmund fans, at least Lewandowski brought you a Bundesliga title and his goals helped get his team all the way to the Champions League final last year. Is that of no consolation?