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The perfect foil for Daniel Sturridge

With England’s qualification for Brazil complete and Daniel Sturridge in the form of his life, could the perfect strike partner already be within Roy Hodgson’s squad?


It’s obvious one of the reasons why Sturridge is playing well is the presence of Luis Suarez at Liverpool, who recently returned to the side after completing a ten-game suspension. I’d like to point out that I appreciate Sturridge was a good player in the Uruguayan’s absence, I’m just saying the return of Luis is assisting him. Everyone worth their salt knows that both Suarez and Sturridge line up alongside each other, but their ability to drop deep and play off one another is incredible, especially when they both possess the skill to take a man on and run at the defence. The fact that they are both adept finishers also helps.


Back to England’s expectations and hopes and I still have no clue how Roy Hodgson will line up this summer. I’m expecting a similar 4-4-2 to the Euros but I’m hoping Welbeck doesn’t play on the left as he was ineffective against Poland and rarely did anything noteworthy. I would much prefer Townsend on the left if he continues the way he has been since the second half of last season during his loan spell with QPR. With a new contract being signed on Friday with Spurs, his club manager obviously has faith in him. I’d say the only flaw in Townsend’s game is the fact he seems to want to do everything on his own, especially at Spurs, and I just get frustrated watching him sometimes. I expect it is just naivety on his part and that he will grow out of it, hopefully before the summer.


I seem to keep straying from the point, but I presume a large percentage know that I reckon Rooney could be a perfect fit to play alongside Sturridge; the similarities between Suarez and Rooney are noticeable, except maybe Suarez is better coming off the shoulder of the defender and Rooney is much better at a distance, as his passing range is second to none. With a whole bunch of friendlies coming up, they will need a chance to gel but I think it could work to great effect. England to get to at least the semis, I say (I hope.)