5 Manchester United Players Who Need To Pull Their Socks Up This Season

With the unusual scenario of not having Sir Alex Ferguson in the dugout after his retirement, life at Old Trafford isn’t so rosy. David Moyes has come in and after nine games United lie in a lowly eighth. Unsurprisingly the side has come under criticism and here are the players I feel warrant it the most.

Rio Ferdinand

It seems that, whilst he was once an excellent defender, father time has caught up with Rio. For the last couple of seasons he has seemed to be on borrowed time but under the wings of Sir Alex he was managed and played sparingly. Moyes has played him a bit more and the former England international hasn’t looked at the races too often. He’s looked slow, pedantic and has won just 44% of aerial battles, not good enough for a ‘World Class’ centre back. With the likes of Smalling and Jones waiting in the wings you can’t imagine Ferdinand playing much more in the red of United.

Ashley Young 

Probably one of the most disappointing transfers United have made in recent years, Young has been non-existent this season. After a stunning first few games when signed two seasons ago, a succession of injuries have plagued him and it just hasn’t worked at Old Trafford. No goals or assists and a success ratio of just three out of 10 at beating his man has left Moyes relying on young Adnan Januzaj to produce the goods on the wing and in just a couple of games he has already proved more effective than the England man.


Nani is another winger who has really disappointed everyone at the club. He seemed to be blossoming in the season after Cristiano Ronaldo left, stepping out of his good friends shadow seemed to have done him the world of good. But that has been as good as it’s got from him. No goals and no assists so far this season and it’s surprising that there isn’t a collective groan when the Portuguese winger gets the ball. For someone with the pace that he possesses it is staggering at how little he manages to beat an opponent or will check before delivering an average-poor ball. He has recently managed to fool…I mean convince Moyes to give him a new contract and no I do not know how either.


If Anderson was to get a new contract then god knows what is going on at the club. His last appearance was against West Brom, where they lost, and against Crystal Palace he ended up on the floor when completely miskicking the ball. I was a big believer in that he need time to get back to full fitness and then he would flourish but it has not happened. He has a terrific engine and can beat men in a typical Brazilian way but I think he may have used up all his chances and then some.

Tom Cleverley

What to say about Tom Cleverley. Just at the start of two seasons ago was everyone tipping him to be the next big thing and now…well, they groan if he is on the team sheet. Until the last couple of internationals he seemed to be a Roy Hodgson favourite but injury kept him out and a new attacking England took over, a team which you struggle to see where he would fit. With United lacking an attacking midfielder, many were hoping that would be his position, the new Paul Scholes if you will. But now you struggle to see what he brings to the team. Energy? Perhaps. A terrific passing range? Not really. A goal scoring threat? Definitely not. And that lack of attacking threat is what’s hurting United this season.