Top 5: Best Right Midfielders In Premier League History – Includes Manchester United Trio

Wingers are the players we all turn to for excitement. They should be able to do the impossible at any time, and these five have shown that over the years.

Steve McManaman

Not many Englishman get to join Real Madrid, but McManaman is one player that has that honour next to his name. With the bulk of his career being played at Anfield, it was at Liverpool where everyone got to know McManaman. Nine years at Liverpool only produced one Fa Cup and one League cup but in that time he excited both in a red shirt and the white of England.

For a winger McManaman had it all – speed, balance, trickery and the ability to not only set his team mates up but also to finish as well. His Madrid expedition went well also, finishing his time there with two La Liga’s and two Champion Leagues and deserves his place on this list.

Andrei Kanchelskis

Many younger fans will not remember Kanchelskis but if you have a moment, YouTube him. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Blessed with pace and skill, Kanchelskis enjoyed five and a half in the Premiership, four with Manchester United and one and a half with Everton. He won two titles with United but an alleged falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson led to a move to the blue side of Merseyside where his form continued making him arguably the best right midfielder in the country.

At United he played with the likes of Giggs, Cantona, Sharpe and Cole in one of the most attacking sides in the league. TEric Cantona, Cole and McClair all benefited from the wingers attacking prowess and for this reason Kanchelskis is, and will always be, one of the best wingers the Premiership has seen.

Freddie Ljungberg

Alongside Pires, Henry and Bergkamp, Ljungberg formed a fearsome attacking dynamic that took the Premiership by form, especially in the invincible season of 2003-04. The creativity of the Swede and the colour of his ever changing hair quickly affirmed himself to the Arsenal faithful.

With all three of Pires, Bergkamp and Ljungberg himself creating chances for Henry, Arsenal were always going to score goals, and Ljungberg will never be forgotten from both Premier League fans and Arsenal fans alike.

David Beckham

For some, David Beckham will only be a fame seeker, but for me David Beckham is one of the best right midfielders the Premier League has seen. Yes, we have all seen the comment Sir Alex Ferguson put in his book. In the mentioned book, Sir Alex said that Beckham is the only player who ‘chose’ to be famous and it may be true, but there is no taking away his talent on the pitch.

Displacing Kanchelskis from the line up isn’t easy and he went on to make the right midfielder position his own, winning six titles, and no one will forget his two corner kicks on that famous night in Barcelona where United secured that famous treble.

The partnership he had with Gary Neville down the right side for club and country is one of the famous combos in the Premier League and his ability to put the ball in the box benefitted every striker he played with. Beckham may have got a little fame hungry which led to a boot to the face but Beckham was still a class out on the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo

It is impossible to have this list without this man on it. Ronaldo has even gone onto even better things at Madrid but his time at United produced some special moment.

Three premier league titles in a row, and a new side built around himself and Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford led to an £80 million move to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo, to many, is the complete player – he’s strong, quick and an excellent header of the ball. Ronaldo, alongside Lionel Messi and become the best player in the world. His 42 goals in the 2007-2008 season propelled him towards greatness and there are still many United fans holding onto the hope that he may return one day.

Honourable Mentions: Chris Waddle, Gordon Strachan, Joe Cole (Chelsea days)