Player Report: Why La Liga Midfielder With 7 Goals In 12 Games Should Be Manchester United’s Next Signing

Manchester United are now firmly back in the mix, in my opinion, as they go on in their attempts to retain their Premier League trophy. However, looking through their midfield options I still think this is where they have problems, and need to shed the deadwood in order to spruce things up a bit.

Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini  are unlikely to be going anywhere, but for me David Moyes should be looking to get rid of Anderson and Tom Celeverley whenever he can, as in my eyes they will never be good enough to drag them to the title.

It would also make way for this player, who I feel is the perfect man for the United midriff. Being an enormous fan of La Liga, I can’t express how much I enjoy watching Ivan Rakitic. The Sevilla midfielder is a box-to-box player who holds such high energy levels that he makes Cleverley look lazy. He, however, has the ability to walk the walk.

Not only has the 25-year-old scored seven goals in 12 league appearances, but he has also claimed three assists. The most impressive facet of his game, though, is his passing. He has averaged 65 passes per game this season – more than Andres Iniesta – and he has completed 81% of them.

He has the technique, the vision and the hunger to link the United midfield to their attack in my eyes, unlike the names I mentioned prior.