Why Paul Pogba Should Tell Manchester United To Look Elsewhere

When Paul Pogba upped sticks and left Manchester United last year it was seen as a backwards step in his early career by some. Fast forward 18 months and the Frenchman is taking the world by storm, piece by piece. His time at Juventus is going swimmingly and he is conjuring up interest from the elite of European football, including numerous Premier League clubs. However, the Daily Mail are reporting that Pogba will reject the advances.

For me, I think it is a smart move. Manchester United are supposedly on the hunt for a midfielder who can plug the gap in the hole between midfield and attack, and Pogba would be perfect for that. Although he is primarily a holding player, he has the energy, the willingness and the natural athleticism to burst from box to box.

But for me, going back to Old Trafford this season would be a poor move. He is slowly turning into one of the most exciting midfielders in European football at the Turin club and any switch has the possibility to hinder that.

At Manchester United he would be playing with the sluggish pair of Michael Carrick and Marouane Fellaini, who I feel would frustrate the France international.

The expectations would also be huge, seeing as the United fans are hearing all these stories about just how good he is. At Juventus he is still seen as a upcoming star rather than a world beater.

For those reasons I think rejecting any advances from his former club would be a good move.