Liverpool a work in progress but will Luis Suarez stick around to see the finished product?

How about that Luis Suarez, eh? His eyes must light up when Norwich crop up on the fixture list as it seems to be a guaranteed hat-trick every time he plays them.

Suarez’s hat-trick on Wednesday night at Anfield against the Canaries was one of fine quality, incredible technique and sublime finishing. 

Liverpool have improved significantly this season and Brendan Rodgers has, after 14 games, guided them to fourth in the Premier League. Whilst it is widely acknowledged that Liverpool are still two or three pieces away from challenging for the title there is understandably a buzz of excitement around Anfield as fans have seen Rodgers implement his slick attacking philosophy to excellent effect.

Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have formed a brilliant partnership but questions still remain about Liverpool’s back four as last weekend’s 3-1 loss to Hull evidenced. The pieces are in place, however, for Rodgers to build a strong and potentially successful team with the Sturridge/Suarez partnership as the centre piece.

Indeed, one of Rodgers best achievements so far was keeping Suarez at the club this summer following the prolonged interest from Arsenal and the striker’s public declaration that he wanted to leave. It is no secret that Suarez is a liability but since his return from his latest ban earlier this season, the Uruguayan has appeared more focussed.

There’s less falling about for no reason and less berating of referees throughout games. Has Rodgers tamed the beast? It is far too early to tell but with the way Suarez has been playing the signs are certainly promising.

The next problem that Rodgers will have to tackle, though, will be keeping Suarez as he continues to assemble what he hopes will be a title winning side. With every transfer window there will be continued interest for the striker and the offers will get bigger and bigger. Liverpool may be aiming for the top four this season but Champions League may not be enough to keep Suarez at the club.

If Rodgers convinces him to stay beyond this season then he would have done an excellent job; miss out on the top four, however, and they are a lot of teams who will be battling to secure Champions League football, Suarez surely won’t be hanging around to see whether or not Rodgers is successful in his venture.