Arsenal: Make A Move For Striker With 21 Goals In 19 Games To Boost Attacking Options

When people suggest that Arsenal need a striker, my mind automatically jumps to one man. He may not have the big reputation that you may associate with a club at the top of the Premier League, nor does he have the experience of some of the names that have been mentioned with the Gunners, but he has scored a hatful of goals and has proved how creative he has been this season. Guessed it yet? I doubt it, as the player I refer to is Herenveen’s Alfred Finnbogason.

The Iceland international isn’t the quickest on his feet, but he has exceptional awareness when on the ball and can stretch a defence at will. It may be by playing the ball out to the wide areas or having a dig from range, but either way he can rip opposition backlines apart.

He is in remarkable form right now, having scored 21 goals in his 19 games for the Dutch side, and also being credited with five league assists.

He is a wonderfully creative player who would slot in nicely with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla, which is why I feel strongly about the move.

Arsene, if you’re reading, get him snapped up while you can!