My New Admiration For Ligue 1

Due to financial reasons I have never, in my 24 years on this earth, had Sky Sports on my T.V for a prolonged period of time. 

Being an avid football fan I, of course, love my Sky Sports and try to forget that it is owned by Rupert Murdoch. The channel has monopolised the rights to show Premier League football for over 20 years and, as such, they have refined their package to such a point that there is no doubt they deliver the finest coverage in the country. 

BT Sport threw a small spanner into the works last year, though, making an ambitious move and securing the rights to broadcast over 30 Premier League games this season and serve as an alternative to the tried and tested Sky Sports brand. My T.V provider offered a deal to sign up for BT Sport for a small fee and I jumped at the chance.

And you know what? For a sports channel that has just launched and is trying to take on the might of Sky, it is pretty decent. Their weekly European Football Show is a highlight, usually featuring a top game from either Italy, Germany or France, as well as showing the highlights from those three leagues. It is fronted by the excellent journalist James Richardson who you will remember from the 90s Football Italia.

As it provides more exposure to leagues I don’t normally have a chance to watch I can now observe some of the lesser known teams from Europe. Ligue 1 has been of particular interest. Before the winter break, many thought the title race was over with PSG breaking free at the top of the table. Cash rich Monaco, however, have closed the gap and despite the loss of Falcao they are only three points behind the Parisians.

Bordeaux are another interesting club who have a vast array of talent in their squad. They are currently placed 7th and only three points away from Saint Etienne in fourth in the pursuit of European competition. In Cheick Diabata they have a strong and powerful frontman. In the midfield and on the wings there are proficient technicians in the shape of Henri Saviet and Gregory Sertic