Chelsea Star Tops Barcelona Shopping List – But Here’s Why They Should Keep Hold

If you had asked me in the summer whether or not David Luiz should have been sold by Chelsea I would have probably said yes. It’d have been a hard decision considering he was playing in between positions, but I think I would have said yes.

Then with Jose Mourinho coming in and not utilising the Brazilian I was convinced that he wouldn’t last the season, but now in mid February he is still at the club and has impressed me immensely.

However, the Mirror are suggesting that the defender-slash-midfielder is top of Barcelona’s summer wish list. If the Blues let him go though, I think it would be a disaster.

You only have to look at the Manchester City game to see how effective he can be. Sat alongside Nemanja Matic the former Benfica man held the shape perfectly and closed down everything that the City midfield tried.

Another reason is the flexibility that he offers – he can play at centre-back or in the anchorman role and is strong in both. He is a strong player who loves to get hold of the ball and he opens up doors with his range of passing, and if he went I think they would struggle to find a player so adept in those areas.