Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not Enough(PICTURE): Mario Balotelli shows off his awesome £240,000 car (PICTURE): Mario Balotelli shows off his awesome £240,000 car

(PICTURE): Liverpool’s Balotelli shows off his awesome £240,000 car

Mario Balotelli’s love for cars is known from his time in Manchester City. The Italian striker had earlier captured the imagination of fans in Manchester with his sprawling Bentley. And after the controversial striker being in news  a couple of days age for making a a sizeable donation to Manchester Dogs Home, the 24 year old arrived at liverpool’s Melwood training complex in his red Ferrari.

The Manchester Dogs’ home caught fire last week and have been collecting donations online. It is believed that a five figure donation was made by an anonymous donor who staff believe to be Balotelli. During his playing career at Manchester City, Balotelli volunteered to be a dog-walker at the shelter and staff have assumed the donor to be him.


The newly imported Ferrari F12 Berlinetta from Italy  cost the striker a cool £240,000 and is believed that he ordered the car after his first ever goal in a Liverpool shirt in midweek, scoring against Ludogorets in the Champions League match day one at Anfield.

When its’ Balotelli, news keep flowing!

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