I’M A WINNER, ACCEPT IT – Lets Be Fair, Mourinho Has A Point

The former Chelsea manager has been under constant criticism with regards to Madrid’s negative approach to playing this season and being thumped 5-0 by Barcelona gave critics, fans and even football legends fuel to burn against him, however, in true Jose fashion – he points to 20th April 2011 where Real Madrid won their first Copa del Rey against Barcelona in 18 years to prove that there is method in his ‘madness’.

Madrid’s honorary president Alfredo Di Stefano and former Barcelona legend Johan Cryuff have both publicly pointed a boney finger of disgust towards the Portuguese, with Cryuff hissing that Mourinho only worked for winning titles and wasn’t a “football coach”.

“I am the head coach and I decide how we play, people can say what they want” said Jose. “Winning titles is winning titles. It’s always good. When someone calls me a coach who wins titles and not football, then thank-you, I like being a coach who wins titles.”


Who can blame him? Jose Mourinho get hired because he wins. His record reads as 18 peices of silverwear in 9 years, a title or domestic championship at every club that has hired him, so what is the big problem? As a fan do you want to win things or play great football? Arsenal fans I’m sure would welcome Jose with open arms at the moment.

Ronaldo scored the only goal in extra-time to end Madrid’s three-year trophy drought to the delight of Mourinho who has now won a trophy in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

“I am proud because my players have worked hard and I am very happy with myself too, because I have won cups in four different countries – one in my own country and then in the three more important football countries in Europe. Despite not being very old as a manager, I know who I am – I have lots of experience. We play how we think game should be played and as a result, we win a cup.”

The teams next meet at The Bernabeu in the Champions League semi-finals. Another clash of the titans or another 5-0 hammering at the wake of what some people are describing as ‘the best footballing side ever’?

Mourinho smiled and simply said “We are in the Champions League semi-finals, are you surprised? I am the head coach”

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