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More Sending Off’s Than Points

Not surprised by the result, I thought we would loose 3-0, yet total disappointment…….

I thought about going to a pub to watch it, but thought it would be sad to watch my team sipping a J2O by myself, but no, it was sadder sitting at home listening to it on the radio… I did think we had signed someone as we seemed to be passing to someone called Nobody for a lot of the game, I thought he was our new midfield general but it seems it wasn’t.

As I write this Wenger is saying the first goal was offside, so what, we didn’t make their keeper make a save and our best player was Vermaelen, which cannot be right for the home team. The so called experts are saying its great that Nasri is staying, behave, he might be a good player but he doesn’t want to stay so flog him.

I saw the team sheet and I am struggling to think of a weaker squad in the last 20 years, yep just thought about it, and couldn’t think of one

We didn’t deserve to win as this team created very little, did Reina have one save to make? This team has no out and out forwards in it and no one to drive the team on, against Newcastle and now Liverpool no goals, 2 sending offs and a club totally without leadership off the pitch.

I thought the idea of moving from the beautiful Highbury to the soulless Emirates was meant to make us compete with the so called bigger clubs, well here we are, competing with midtable nothingness, the fact the season is only 2 games in doesn’t matter, next week we have an iffy 2nd leg game in Italy and Man U away, there is no wins there and nothing positive coming from the club. Wenger was interviewed during the week saying he would spend £20, 30, 40 million on a player, total lie, he won’t spend £18million on Jagielka, £16 million Cahill or £10 mil on Samba, there is a fan at Emirates who has a sign saying “In Arsene We Trust”, drop the t nobby, under Wenger we will only ever make profit now, he is not interested in trophies anymore, 4th isn’t a trophy, a trophy is a trophy.   

Another Saturday night of not watching Match of the Day beckons    

Dean “crying in my pillow” Scott



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