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Bell lee summerbee

I know that it is far to early to be comparing the new three of David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Samir Nasri to the legendary trio that were Bell, Lee and Summerbee but it is quite fun to look at the similarities between the two trio. Also, as a side note I understand that Mancini is no Mercer and that the game of football has changed since those glory days, but I am writing this so just go along with me.


Mike Summerbee: Born 15th December 1942, Mike played on the right wing but also could play as a forward. He was known as a player with a fiery temper and somewhat of a practical joker. He Joined City in 1965.


David Silva: Born 8th Jan 1986. Ok, so he is the oldest of the trio and Summerbee is the youngest of his trio but they were both the first of the three signed to City. Within three years of Summerbee signing City had won the League. So either this year or next at the latest I reckon! There are three inches difference in the height with Silva being the shorter, but they both could play on the wing or as supporting striker. Also we know the Spanish play passionately, which is European talk for ‘fiery temper’.


Colin Bell: Born 26th February 1946, Colin was nicknamed Nijinsky for his stamina on the field. No nonsense get your head down and play kind of guy who dominated the midfield. He was 5’11 and probably most City fans Favorite player. He was signed by City in 1966, a year after ‘Buzzer’.


Samir Nasri: Born 26th June 1987, 5’10. Only giving up the single inch on Bell in the height department. Nasri can play as an attacking midfielder, winger or even further back if the game dictates. Just like Mr Bell he will keep running all day if needed. If you need proof just look at his last game for Arsenal against Liverpool. He ran his socks off even though he didn’t want to be there. That is the commitment Bell had to his team, and the commitment to City we will see toward City from Nasri will be similar I am sure. Just like Mercer with Lee, Mancini is looking at Nasri as being the last piece of the puzzle.


Francis Lee: Born 15th December 1942, touted by Mercer as the ‘Final Piece of the Jigsaw’ when he signed for City in October 1967. A stocky forward, who although didn’t score on his debut would go onto score 148 goals in his City career.


Sergio Aguero: Born 2nd June 1988, gives up half an inch to Lee in the height department. Although he did score twice in his first game he, like Lee, went goalless in their first starts for City. Just like Lee I think Aguero has the ability to score many goals for City.

Now obviously the comparisons are not entirely matches due to the change in football since the times of Bell, Lee and Summerbee. Transfer fees that City paid are a glaring difference but I think roughly they are the closest we have had for a while. Even the ages are close! For example 38 months separate the oldest to youngest from the trio in the 60’s and 70’s. With this three, 29 months separate them. Then there is the times that they were signed, all within close proximity of each other, 3 years for the older trio and 2 years for the newest batch.  

What do you think?

Written By PA Cityboy

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