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Mancini Wants To Bring On Tevez, He said No, No, No!

So what do you make of the fact that Carlos Tevez didn’t want to come on for Manchester City in the Champions League? City boss Roberto Mancini has already come out directly after the match and said that as far as he was concerned Tevez was done.

Personally I think he should be fined the maximum that he can be (I believe it is two weeks wages). I know that it isn’t that much considering what he earns but it is for the principal of the thing. Secondly, City should go to UEFA and see what they can do about the situation. If a team refuses to play in a Champions League game in the group stage they can be fined massively. Tevez surely could be charged with bringing the game into disrepute and banned from UEFA competitions for this season and possibly in the future.

And what must Argentina boss be thinking? Hopefully he will not be thinking about picking him for the National Team anytime soon. This is not the sort of player that any team will want on their bench after these antics!

Next, City will have to keep Tevez seperated from the first team. I am sure that he cannot leave until the January transfer window, unless he takes a three month unpaid vacation (he will never do that) then I think he may be a disruption to the team. Mancini should have EVERY supporters backing at the next and following games while the Tevez situation is sorted out. 

I feel sorry for every City fan that spent money to travel to Munich. Tevez certainly wasn’t thinking of them when he did this. In fact he wasn’t thinking of anyone other than Carlos Tevez. I am sure there will be a Tevez song going around the ground when City take on Blackburn at the weekend, and a few Facebook groups initiated, letters to Tevez via the Club also in the offering.

Also spare a thought of other former City players, the ones that bled for the team when they were in the third tier. Shaun Goater, Paul Dickov and Ian Bishop would all have given their right arms to be on that bench in Munich tonight. Spare a thought for Paul Lake, the player whose career was cut short by injury, blue through and through. What must he be thinking of the Carlos Tevez affair? What would Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer have done had they been in charge tonight? City and City fans deserve better and a Manchester City minus Carlos Tevez will be no bad thing.

A positive thing is that City do not need Carlos Tevez. Certainly he cannot go until January but I wouldn’t even play him in the reserves. Personally I would send him to Abu Dhabi and explain his situation to the owner. Explain why he will take the Sheiks money but not play. This is disrespectful to the guys that have supported and put their faith in him and removes him from the team, where City need to rebuild and get back into winning ways to get their Euro dream back on train.

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