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So it has been twenty four hours since Tevez refused to play for Manchester City and the reaction has been uniform and total condemnation and disbelief of what Carlos Tevez has done. Greame Souness, Harry Redknapp and even Golf and Rugby League weighed in on the subject and not one sided with the devisive Argentinian.

 It has since been announced that Carlos Tevez has been suspended by Manchester City. This was the statement posted on the clubs official site,

‘Manchester City can confirm that striker Carlos Tevez has been suspended until further notice for a maximum period of two weeks.

The player’s suspension is pending a full review into his alleged conduct during Tuesday evening’s 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich.

The player will not be considered for selection or take part in training whilst the review is under way.’

This, I assume, is the first step in Carlos Tevez’s exit from Manchester City. Roberto Mancini said as much in the post match press conference and it certainly would be dangerous to keep him around the first team in what is now a critical time for City’s future.

The owner also was not best pleased with the events in Germany and has been quoted by various news outlets throughout the day as being ‘extremely disappointed’. It was good to see that the situation has the full backing of the owner on the side on Mancini, as evident in the offficial statement. The Sheikh’s reaction came after City fans lit up the social media with their anger and disgust, even organising a demonstartion outside the stadium and probably writing a couple of new chants for Saturday!

Meanwhile FIFA Vice President Jim Boyce has also weighed in stating that City should and would be in their rights to terminate Tevez’s contract. Once this was done it would make Tevez a free agent, which some suggest is exactly what Carlos was aiming for when he acted out last night. However, it was also suggested that FIFA, once City prove the actions, they could ban Tevez from taking part in active football, in much the same way as in drug cases. Looking at that it would be the best option for City as they would get Tevez off their backs and he would be cast into the shadows of World Football for 6months, a year or whatever is determined.

My own personal opinion is that no matter what happens, Tevez has made himself a poisoned product which no ‘big club’ would want to touch.

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