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All White On The Wing?

Exactly 25 years ago yesterday Manchester City played, and lost to Leicester City in the old Division One.

That season Manchester City were also relegated and so you may be wondering where exactly this article is going.

It was in this game that a certain Mr David White made his full debut. City had signed him as an apprentice in 1984 and he turned pro just over a year later.

To City fans in the dire days of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there were few sights as exciting as this City player tearing down the wing.

David scored a hat trick in the descimation of Huddersfield in their 10-1 win in the November 1987 fixture, this fast and popular player turned out 328 times for City and netted 95 goals in the process. Forget your Cristiano Ronaldos, this guy was scoring for fun way before Mrs Ronaldo looked at Mr Ronaldo and said ‘How about it!’

David scored four times for City in their away tie to Villa where City ran out 5-1 victors.

That season David scored 16 league goals and that helped lift City above United in the final standings. Incedently he also scored a brace in the home game against United, although it would only end with points shared.

Although he didn’t get on the scoresheet, my finest personal memory of this City legend was the 5-1 win against United, now dubbed the Maine Road massacre.

Keep in mind that City had only reclaimed their top flight status and despite setting Division 2 alight it would be a test to see how White would handle the step up.

The worst thing for David White was getting his England cap.

This was a game away against Spain which England lost by a single goal. David had a clear cut chance with literally his first touch.

This was the start of a slide in Davids form as people tried to pin the loss squarely on Whites inability to convert.

Just over a year later he would be sold to Leeds with another David, Rocastle moving in the opposite direction. From Leeds he moved to Sheffield United where he teamed up again with Howard Kendall before retiring in 1997.

When City moved to the City Of Manchester Stadium in 2003, now the Etihad Stadium he assisted in the hospitality department on game days and will forever be a true blue! 

PA Cityboy

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