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Remembering Helen Turner

Every football team have a number of die hard fans who are there win, lose or draw. They turn up whether the team is in contention for success or battling against relegation.

They, over time, become iconic to the ground and known to the regulars and fans watching on TV all across the world. The biggest of these most recently as an example is the crazy shirtless guy in Portsmouths ranks.

Manchester City had their very own iconic fan and although you may not know her name you will certainly have heard her in the stands for over 30 years. Six years ago, Helen ‘The Bell’ Turner died after a series of illnesses aged 85 and left a void in the City.

Many people may not know that she was a flower seller who had a stand outside Manchester Royal Infirmary and was a keen Charity Fund Raiser. She also had a friendship with many City players but in particular City Goalkeeper Joe Corrigan who recieved a sprig of lucky heather before each game.

She has also been in the spotlight during two of City’s finest moments. In 1976, when City won the League Cup, Helen was invited onto the pitch for a lap of honour with the team. Of this Helen said: “It was terrific being on the pitch – one of my proudest moments. Mike Doyle let me hold the cup for a bit and I remember all the City fans cheering me.”

When City called time on Maine Road in 2003, after 80 years of football, it was Helen and her bell that got a standing ovation.

Once in a blue moon fans come along like this and lift the term ‘supporter’ to a higher plain. A minutes silence was held in her memory at City’s home game against Chelsea that December. It would be two seasons later when Sven and Thaksin came into City and the start of Citys revolution.

Surely that bell would not have been heard louder or prouder than first in the Semi Final win against United before then winning the first trophy since Helen herself went on the pitch and joined in the celebrations.


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