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A Cracking game and why did Arsenal lose ?

A tremendous match with Arsenal always looking really good but slightly 2nd best.  Put another way, Szczesny kept us in the contest. Nevertheless I doubt if many others will give Mansh*tty such a good game over 94 minutes at their place. The fact remains … 1 – 0 to City. 

So why did we lose?

Well one reason is that Mansh*tty are very good and with such talent, organisation and depth they must surely finish in the top 2 or 3 … probably top. And they should do…. with so much Arab oil money they hardly know what to do with it!  It makes us sick so I wonder how (say) Norwich City feel about it?

Arsenal had no fit full backs able to play. Not one out of 4 …. and it showed.  Why we bothered to sell Eboue (for a mere £3m) goodness only knows. He can play in several positions (like full back) and we could do with him right now.

Arsene has never done tactics and this match was no exception. He is determined there is only one way – his way.  Playing not one but two wingers who can be brilliant but are usually erratic. It was bound to happen. Walcott was a nightmare . No sorry,  not as good as a nightmare. Why he was nearly disgruntled at being subbed is a mystery. He hit one good shot all the time he was out there. Never beat his man … never took on his man!  Plus he only tracked back nominally to help the struggling right side of our defence. The world could see it, the crowd, the pundits, all the fans … but, it seems, not the Arsenal Manager.

If one of Arsene’s two wingers does sod all … it is like playing with ten and a half men. It happens all too often and where we can get away with it against weaker oppose. – we won’t against top teams. For example, Man City.  Our midfield worked miracles to avoid being completely over run. Arteta showed what a terrific player he is, Song and Ramsey.


And then when Arsene woke up to the possibility of subbing today’s passenger called Walcott – who does he bring on?  Arshavin FFS … who as we all anticipated was worse than Walcott. Why did the Manager still think he would deliver after failing to deliver for the last 18 months?


Have I got this wrong or are paying a loan player commonly known as Yossi Benayoun?  Why are we paying him if we never trust him to play outside the Mickey Mouse Cup?  Ok he is not Lionel Messi but he is experienced, he is skilful, he is creative and he is a worker!  Why not bring him on instead of Walcott and a whole lot earlier?  Why not select him in the first place?

You all know it takes a great deal to force me to criticise our worthy Manager. This despite the provocation of reading garbage like  “If Arsenal beat Man City will the Arsene doubters admit he is utterly wonderful ?“ 

Well we might have beaten Man. City, even though they are very good. But not by playing ten and a half men and failing to change tack, be flexible, correct the tactical error … before it is too late. As it was yes, we could have score perhaps 3 goals but they could have scored  … 5  

Whatever, it was a terrific match and Man. City will take a lot of stopping.


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