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A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Football Scholarships in Europe for International Students

Introduction: Pursuing higher education while nurturing a passion for football is a dream for many international students. Europe, known for its rich football culture and renowned academic institutions, offers numerous opportunities for international students to combine their academic aspirations with their love for the .

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of obtaining football scholarships in Europe for international students, covering academic requirements, scholarship details, and universities that welcome athletes from around the world.

1. Academic Excellence: The Foundation of Success: When aiming for a football scholarship in Europe, it’s crucial to remember that academic excellence is just as important as your athletic skills. values well-rounded individuals who can balance their sporting pursuits with academic commitments. Most institutions require international students to meet specific academic standards, such as having a minimum GPA and providing evidence of English language proficiency through standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.

2. Identifying Potential Universities: Europe boasts a wide array of universities with strong football programs and academic offerings. It’s essential to research and identify institutions that align with your academic and athletic aspirations.

Some renowned universities known for their football programs and openness to international students include:

  • University of Manchester, United Kingdom: The University of Manchester offers a vibrant football scene along with a variety of academic programs. Their focus on creating a balance between academics and sports makes it an attractive choice for international student-athletes.
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany: Germany is known for its engineering and technological prowess. The Technical University of Munich provides exceptional academic programs alongside opportunities to engage in football at various levels.
  • University of Barcelona, Spain: Spain is synonymous with football excellence. The University of Barcelona not only provides a chance to hone your football skills but also offers a diverse range of academic disciplines.
  • University of Milan, Italy: Italy’s passion for football is unparalleled. The University of Milan allows international students to be a part of this fervor while pursuing their academic ambitions.

3. The Scholarship Hunt: Securing a football scholarship in Europe involves meticulous planning and extensive research. Scholarships vary from one university to another and might include partial or full coverage of tuition fees, accommodation, and sometimes even living expenses.

Some universities collaborate with local football clubs, allowing students to participate in organized competitions while representing their educational institution.

4. Athletic Achievements and Portfolios: European universities value athletic achievements as much as academic performance. Building a comprehensive portfolio that highlights your football accomplishments, awards, and participation in competitive leagues can significantly boost your chances of securing a scholarship.

Letters of recommendation from coaches or individuals familiar with your athletic abilities can add a personal touch to your application.

5. Showcasing Your Skills: Trials and Tournaments: Many European universities conduct football trials or tournaments to identify potential scholarship recipients. These events provide you with a platform to showcase your skills directly to coaches and scouts.

It’s advisable to attend these trials whenever possible, as they give you an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

6. Communication and Networking: Building a network within the football community can open doors to scholarships. Reach out to coaches, athletic departments, and even fellow international student-athletes. Networking can provide insights into available opportunities and help you stay updated on relevant developments.

7. Application Process and Deadlines: The application process for football scholarships in Europe is multifaceted. It typically involves submitting academic transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and a well-crafted personal statement that highlights your passion for football and your commitment to academic excellence.

It’s essential to adhere to application deadlines, which often fall months before the academic year begins.

8. Financial Planning: While scholarships can significantly alleviate financial burdens, it’s important to consider other expenses such as travel, health insurance, and personal costs. Developing a comprehensive financial plan can help you manage these aspects effectively.

Top 5 Footballers Who Have Achieved Effective Weight Loss

The lives of elite footballers are put under the microscope, they are constantly scrutinised for their performances on and off the pitch, as well as their appearance. Latest football news Over the years have always made headlines not only for their football prowess, but also for their fluctuating body weight. Some of the top level footballers include Eden Hazard, Alvaro Morata, Gonzalo Iguaín, Willian, and Isco. All of them have been in the spotlight due to gaining excess weight.

However, what is often forgotten by the haters is that these guys have managed to get back into shape. Their weight loss didn’t make it into the yellow press, which likes to savour failures rather than successes. Here are the top 5 inspirational weight loss stories from football geniuses.

1. Eden Hazard

Belgian football star Eden Hazard has been criticised many times for his weight. His career at Real Madrid has not gone well. He was more often than not sitting on the bench or recovering from injury. He hardly had any chances to shine with his skills.

  • Probable causes: A break in the season, minor injuries that led to reduced activity, and indulgences during holidays may have contributed to weight gain. The lack of consistent game practice disrupted his diet and physical activity regimen. Fans watched in horror as the jersey tightened around the athlete’s grown belly.
  • Probable solutions: Hazard, known for his incredible dribbling skills and quick movements, required agility drills, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and a strict diet to get back in shape quickly. He showed considerable mental toughness. Constant criticism motivated him to prove to everyone that he was a professional. The man was able to lose at least 5 kg in just one month.

2. Alvaro Morata

Morata’s fluctuating form on the pitch is sometimes attributed, perhaps unfairly, to his physical condition. The athlete has had some outstanding phases in his career, but there have also been some glaring failures.

  • Probable causes: Personal problems, adjusting to a new league or team, and the pressure of expectations can affect the mental state and lead to weight changes. Even an experienced athlete can lose control.
  • Probable solutions: Personalised strength and conditioning regimes, psychological wellness programmes and a balanced diet may have played a part in Morata’s return to fitness. Alvaro has finally returned to his homeland, which seems to give him strength and motivation. This is very important for .

3. Gonzalo Iguaín

Once the most sought-after striker, Iguaín too has faced comments about his weight, especially during his transitions from one club to another. Football journalists estimate that Gonzalo could be up to 10kg overweight after his summer holiday.

  • Probable reasons: Changing training regime, adapting to a new diet, and cultural differences in cuisine when moving from one country to another. Also, Gonzalo has never been known for being strict with himself. He has talent, but definitely not a work ethic.
  • Probable solutions: Special training modules to improve endurance, metabolic training to burn calories, and consultations with nutritionists are all necessary to keep a player like Iguaín in top shape. It is also important to note the changes in the psychology of the footballer. Closer to the end of his career, he rethinks his role in football. At 35, he trains more diligently than he did at 25.

4. Willian

A Brazilian winger with good flair and pace, he occasionally puts on the extra kilos, although this has bothered him less and less recently.

  • Probable causes: Ageing, which naturally affects metabolism, and rest in the off-season. Willian spent his best football years at Ukrainian football club Shakhtar, with whom he reached the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. Now his professionalism has not disappeared anywhere, but his motivation level has obviously become lower.
  • Probable solutions: Incorporating functional fitness, aerobics for fat burning and a calorie counting diet will help control his weight. Willian can have a few more successful seasons. He realises this, so he tries to give his best in training.

5. Isco

The Spanish midfield maestro also occasionally faces weight criticism, especially when he doesn’t make the starting eleven. It’s hard to call him fat, but sometimes a few extra kilos have caught the public’s eye.

  • Probable causes: Reduced playing time means less physical activity on match days, as well as possible overeating due to stress or lower morale.
  • Possible solutions: Regular gym sessions to develop musculoskeletal and flexibility, cardio exercises, and a Mediterranean diet high in protein and fat. Isco is not prone to obesity, but is very susceptible to public pressure. It is important for him to feel needed by the team. Every time he returns to the starting line-up, spectators can see a positive change in his fitness.

Final thoughts

The fluctuating weights of these and other elite footballers emphasise the immense strain they face both on and off the field. Their resilience and professionalism is evidenced by the fact that they often return to form, demonstrating excellent form. It is important to remember that athletes, like all of us, are human. They experience life’s ups and downs and their body weight can be a reflection of this. It is perseverance, discipline and dedication that enables athletes to overcome such challenges.

Arsenal Transfer News: Latest On Declan Rice to Arsenal transfer saga

Arsenal FC is reportedly interested in signing West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice in the upcoming summer transfer window. The 24-year-old has been a standout performer for the Hammers for quite some time now and has naturally attracted interest from several top Premier League clubs.

Rice has been a key player for West Ham over the last few seasons, establishing himself as one of the best young midfielders in the league. The England international has been a vital cog in David Moyes’ side, and one of the positives in an otherwise forgiving season so far.

According to reports, Arsenal are looking to bolster their midfield options in the summer, and Rice is one of the players on their radar. The Gunners have struggled in the middle of the park this season in the absence of Thomas Partey, and Mikel Arteta is said to be keen on bringing in a player of Rice’s quality to strengthen the team.

Rice’s versatility is also a huge asset, as he can play in both midfield and defence, making him a valuable addition to any squad. The Hammers star has also been praised for his leadership qualities, and Arsenal could benefit from his presence on and off the pitch.

However, it won’t be easy for Arsenal to secure Rice’s services, as West Ham are expected to demand a significant transfer fee for their prized asset. Sources say is landmark figure to cash him away from West Ham.

Rice is contracted with West Ham until June 2024, with the London club having an option to extend his contract by a further year. The Hammers have shown in the past that they are not afraid to hold onto their star players, having rejected multiple offers for the likes of Dimitri Payet and Marko Arnautovic in the past.

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal will be willing to meet West Ham’s asking price for Rice, but it’s clear that the Gunners are keen on bolstering their midfield options in the summer.

Read More: with these 6 latest themes.

In conclusion, Arsenal’s reported interest in Declan Rice is a clear indication of their ambition to strengthen their midfield options. However, securing the services of the West Ham midfielder will not be easy, given his importance to the Hammers and the likely high transfer fee. It will be interesting to see how this transfer saga unfolds over the coming months.

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5 Reasons Why Players from European Clubs Flop in the Premier League?


Premier League

The Premier League has established itself as the world’s most popular competition because it attracts the finest talent from across the globe. Superstars like Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vincent Kompany have dazzled with their brilliance over the years, and many British players struggle to get a look in. But for every Henry there is an Andriy Shevchenko, for every Ronaldo there is a Radamel Falcao and for every Kompany there is a Jerome Boateng. Why do so many promising foreign imports flop in the Premier League? Here are the top five reasons:

Blistering Pace

The Premier League is played at a breakneck pace and many players are overwhelmed by its intensity, physicality and speed. The action in countries like Italy and Spain seems slow and plodding in comparison to the English top flight. Serie A sides place a great deal of emphasis on tactical battles and outmanoeuvring their opponents, while La Liga teams often value technical proficiency, intricate interplay and possession-based football. Matches often feel like painstaking games of chess on the continent.

By contrast, the Premier League is turbo charged. The action moves from end to end rapidly, and players have less time to catch their breath than anywhere else in the world. The foreign imports that have flourished in the Premier League can either run extremely fast or think very quickly. You have less time on the ball before a crunching tackle comes in, so you need to be cool and collected under intense pressure.

The likes of David Silva, Cesc Fabregas and Dennis Bergkamp are not exactly fleet of foot, but their footballing brains react to situations rapidly and allow them to thrive in a fast-paced contest. Players such as Riyad Mahrez, Sergio Aguero and Mohamed Salah are blessed with bags of pace. If you can think and move at lightning speed, you can take the league by storm, as evidenced by Ronaldo and Henry.


The Premier League is also an extremely physical division. Many players that arrive from overseas are unused to locking horns with defenders like Jamie Carragher, Richard Dunne, John Terry and Ryan Shawcross for 90 minutes. Midfield enforcers like Roy Keane, Lee Cattermole, Joey Barton, Robbie Savage and Kevin Nolan run around kicking lumps out of the opposition. This can be very difficult for players from other European Clubs to acclimatise to. It is not a league for shrinking violets and players need to roll up their sleeves and fight back if they are to succeed.

It requires great mental and physical stamina too. There is no winter break in the Premier League, so it turns into a long old season. As winter sets in, many players from the Mediterranean and South America struggle to perform week in, week out on frozen pitches as the rain lashes down and the opposing fans bay for blood. A prominent criticism of foreign imports is their tendency to go missing in games. Mesut Ozil, Erik Lamela and Stevan Jovetic are among the players to be levelled with this charge.

Players need to be extremely fit, strong and quick to succeed for 90 minutes, often twice a week, for nine months of the year, especially during the hectic Christmas period. It was too much for Angel Di Maria, Juan Cuadrado and Diego Forlan. They all succeeded on the continent, flopped in England and then went on to enjoy success again after moving to France, Italy or Spain. Many of the players that have succeeded are magnificent physical specimens that blend mental fortitude with upper body strength, from Didier Drogba to Virgil Van Dijk.

A Stronger League

Manchester City v Arsenal - Premier League

The level of competition is arguably higher in the Premier League than anywhere else in the world. When a team is promoted to the Bundesliga, La Liga Primera, Serie A or Ligue 1, they often serve as the whipping boys of the division for a season before sinking back down. Yet promotion to the Premier League is  to Championship clubs. The league is so popular on a global basis that TV companies pay exorbitant sums for broadcasting rights, and this is shared among the 20 teams competing for glory.

It allows newly promoted clubs to invest a fortune in their squads as they bid for survival. Case in point: Aston Villa have spent £135 million plus on 12 new players this summer in an effort to beat the drop. That forces the teams around them to invest heavily too, meaning the Premier League is flooded with the many of the most promising players from across the globe. It has been the top-spending league in the world for many years now, and that makes it ultra-competitive.

Against this backdrop, it can be harder to thrive. Many players arrive with big reputations after banging in 20 goals in a season in Ligue 1 or the Eredivisie, and suddenly they find themselves up against defensive lines worth £100 million on a weekly basis and they simply cannot cut it. As the  shows, the gap between the teams in the English top flight is not quite as stark as it is in Spain or Italy, where Barcelona and Juventus are expected to steamroll their opponents on a weekly basis. Playing well in countries like Holland, Belgium, France and even Germany is no guarantee of success in England either, as the overall level of quality is so much higher and it is a totally unforgiving league.

Culture Shock

Many players simply struggle to . That is not unique to the Premier League, as it can be difficult for any player to acclimatise to a new country after leaving their homeland. But many stars from South America will find it much easier to adjust to life in Spain or Portugal than they will in England. Uruguayan Lucas Torreira recently  and said life was better in Italy, and that is a common complaint. The old cliché goes that players need to be able to hack it on a cold, rainy Tuesday night at Stoke, or they will not do well in the league. The Potters are no longer in the top flight, but the sentiment stands: if you cannot cope with the long English winter, you are not going to make it in the Premier League.

The language barrier is also an issue for many players. Players speaking Spanish, French and Portuguese can communicate pretty easily with one another, but English is a totally different tongue to master, and if they do not put in the effort to learn it they are likely to feel isolated in the dressing room. Other players hate the quality of English food, or the size and business of the cities they are living in. Szilard Nemeth famously endeared himself to Middlesbrough fans by claiming the city is as ugly as its women. He is an extreme example, but many players simply struggle with the culture shock and fare better in an environment they feel more comfortable in.

Demand for Instant Success

Suffering relegation can be calamitous for Premier League clubs as it leaves them saddled with inflated wage bills and in financial peril. Owners and chairmen are therefore notoriously trigger-happy and they dispense with managers rapidly when the results go south. This creates a demand for instant success, and many coaches simply cannot afford to persist with players that need time to adapt to the rigours of Premier League football. It is extremely competitive at both ends of the table, and managers need players that can pretty much succeed from the beginning of their careers in England.

It means that many players are not given a proper opportunity to show what they are made of. Some have found themselves jettisoned out before they really had time to get going, but persistence can pay dividends. Carlos Tevez was initially considered a flop after failing to set the world alight during his first campaign in England back in 2006. However, Alan Curbishley kept selecting him and he eventually became a solid signing, scoring the goals that , before moving to Man Utd and winning the title. Henry failed to score in his first eight games, but then went on to become Arsenal’s record goalscorer and lead the club to glory. If more coaches kept faith in foreign arrivals that initially struggle, it might help their clubs succeed.

Why Has Antoine Griezmann’s Barcelona Move Been Dragged Out?

It’s all About the Money


It was probably the worst kept secret in football but it’s now gone from cast-iron rumour to reality: Antoine Griezmann is a Barcelona player.

In normal circumstances, it would be yet another case of head-shaking from the non-football fraternity about how anyone could be worth 120 million Euros to kick a football around. Except these aren’t normal circumstances and that’s not what’s being debated here.

The controversy in question here all stems from the fact that it wasn’t that Barcelona made an offer which Atletico Madrid accepted. Rather, Griezmann had a buyout clause of 200 million Euros a few days ago which went down to ‘just’ 120 million Euros on July 1, with Barcelona stumping up the cash last Friday, July 12.

Atletico aren’t complaining about the fact that they had to let him go once that price was met; they knew what the situation was. The issue is that Atletico feel the deal between the player and Barcelona was done back in March and if that was the case, they should be entitled to the full 200 million rather than the ‘cut-price’ 120.

In other words, Diego Simeone’s side think that Griezmann and Barcelona were in cahoots all along and conspired to play the system so that the player got his dream move and that Barca got him at a bargain, so to speak, cleverly avoiding an extra 80 million Euros through the timing of their business. It will now become one for the courts to rule on.

Why were Barca so Desperate to get their man?


Barcelona have always prided themselves on having a star-studded attack who not only score lots of goals between them but also play dazzling football. That wasn’t so much the case last year.

Philippe Coutinho, who can operate either in midfield or in the front three, had a really poor start to his Barca career. As a player who at times seems to lack confidence and can be emotionally frail, the  with the genial Brazilian.

Ousmane Dembele, who  in the Champions League semis which would certainly have put the tie to bed in the first leg, isn’t necessarily in Barca’s good books, either. That chance may have cost them the Champions League title whereas his injury record has been poor, playing just 46 league matches in two seasons.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are as good as they’ve ever been but they’re both 32 now. They’ll need to be rested for a few more games a season over the next couple of years, so they’re fresh for the big ones. Having Griezmann around, who at 28 is considerably younger, gives Ernesto Valverde far greater flexibility when it comes to rotating his forwards.

There are two other aspects of Griezmann’s game Barcelona will look forward to: his ability to play in any of the three positions upfront and his work-rate when it comes to defending. Something that in Suarez has diminished over the years, something that in Messi is practically non-existent.

Griezmann’s Dream Move

The French forward will feel the time had come for a new challenge. He’ll also feel that Atletico missed the boat when losing that penalty shoot-out in the final of the Champions League in 2016 and that Simeone’s side were capable of getting the better of either Barcelona or Real Madrid when it came to the title race, but not both.

There may also have been a feeling that  – hard pressing, emphasis on defending, protecting leads rather than going for the jugular- were exhausting and frustrating in equal measure for such a talented, creative and attack-minded player.

So where better than Barcelona to have the chance to play the sort of attacking football that so few teams can pull off?

Perhaps the biggest draw of all though was the chance to play alongside Messi and to lesser extent…Suarez. It’s easy to forget that footballers, like people in other ‘normal’ professions, want to improve their game, learn from the best, evolve as players.

There was only so much he was going to learn by staying at Atletico and a huge amount he could improve by playing alongside a man with five Ballon d’Ors to his name to go with just about every other individual prize in football.

And with all due respect to Atletico, it’s not Barcelona when it comes to tradition, history, glory or… their chances of winning the Champions League, something Griezmann is yet to do.

 markets give you the chance to bet on whether Barcelona will improve on their 87 points from last season, or fall short. Few would argue that with Griezmann on board, their chances of bettering that won’t be improved.

Misconduct and Fines as Player Blasts Out at Sky Sports

robert snodgrass

Former Aston Villa load player Robert Snodgrass has hit out at Sky Sports after claiming that the media giants were ‘trying to get a bite out of him’ reports today.

Snodgrass was responding to a report by Sky Sports following an incident with UK anti-doping officials. An Independent Regulatory Commission had handed down a one-match ban and a fine to the player following an incident where the anti-doping testers had been attended a match at which Snodgrass had been a player.

It is alleged that Snodgrass hit out at the officials with abusive and/or insulting language, apparently having ask them ‘Didn’t they have anything better to do?’ and then swore at them. For this, the player was handed down a fine of £30,000 and given a one-match suspension, which is not currently in force while he considers his options. That being said, Snodgrass wasn’t approached to undertake a doping test, and neither has he refused to take a doping test, so it isn’t clear what prompted the comments.

However, it was to Sky Sports, following their coverage of the incident that Snodgrass saved his most castigating of comments. Snodgrass is to have said “Sky you’re looking for a bite…… I ain’t giving you it! The way you wrote this is sloppy and isn’t the truth. The season must be finished and clutching for stories…. disappointing! Think I might cancel my sports channels now.“

The comments came on social media from Snodgrass following the incident, and it is clear that he feels strongly about the report. Snodgrass claims that anti-doping officials overhead some banter between players and took it out of context to bring the complaint. He also stated that perhaps they had misheard what he had said as a result of his Scottish accent. He said “as a Scotsman, my accent can sometimes be difficult for people to understand”  He claims the incident occurred in a noisy environment as the players were leaving the dressing room. So he fully believes that the comments were not as they were interpreted by the officials.

Aston Villa is gearing up for championship play off’s and any loss of players to the squad is going to have a dramatic effect on their chances at chaining promotion back to the premiership. The team will be facing Derby in a midlands clash on bank holiday Monday, and it is not clear whether Snodgrass will be cleared for the contest. Although as the FA has already stated his ban is currently pending a review as to whether he will lodge an appeal or not. So it is possible that he could still see play. The Championship play-offs final could secure a windfall of some £180M for the winning club, and so Villa will definitely want to be fielding their best time for the game. Villa is currently the team on form having had a run of ten winning matches in a row to close out the season; now they just need to win the big one.

Could The Ultimate Prize Evade Guardiola At City?

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City have enjoyed an excellent start to the season and are seemingly on their way to securing back-to-back Premier League titles. Manchester United were the last team to earn repeat crowns in the top flight, achieving the feat in the 2007/08 and 2008/09 campaigns. Since then, reigning champions have been unable to retain the title, which has even seen two managers sacked the year after lifting the trophy.

However, City appear to be immune to those impediments, making an unbeaten start to the term, dropping only four points from their opening 13 matches. Pep Guardiola’s men have been dominant, scoring 40 goals, while conceding just five in the process. Liverpool have made a quality start to the campaign themselves, but are still trailing City at the top of the table.

Having won the Premier League crown last season, the ultimate for City this term is the Champions League – the only feat that has evaded their grasp since the takeover of the club in 2008 by Sheikh Mansour. They came closest in the 2015/16 season under the charge of Manuel Pellegrini when they were defeated in the semi-finals by Real Madrid.

City’s first two seasons with Guardiola in the dugout have ended in disappointment, failing to progress beyond the quarter-final stage. The Spaniard won the Champions League twice during his tenure at Barcelona, per , defeating Manchester United twice.

However, European success evaded him with Bayern Munich, falling at the semi-final stage three times in a row. Although City’s exploits in the domestic game are going for strength-to-strength, there is pressure in their European campaign. The club are 7/2 in the odds on Champions League winner 2019 betting markets to lift the crown for the first time, per , although their term got off to the worst possible start with a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Lyon.

City managed to recover and have secured their spot in the next round of the competition. Lyon proved to be a tough opponent once again for Guardiola’s men, playing out a 2-2 draw at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais, as reported by . City have been dominant in the Premier League and their brilliance will likely see them retain their domestic crown, but the danger of the Champions League is that they can be bested in one-off matches.

Liverpool rose to the occasion brilliantly last season in the quarter-finals to claim a 3-0 victory at Anfield before recording 2-1 win at the Etihad Stadium. Their two matches against Lyon have highlighted the issue once again as City would have been knocked out of the competition had they had met the French side in the knockout phase. There are quality teams that City will face in the latter stages of the Champions League, which will require Guardiola’s side to be firing on all cylinders.

During his time with Bayern, his team were perhaps the victims of their own success with the Bundesliga crown already wrapped up before the late stages of the season. As a result, the intensity of their play was not at peak form for the Champions League semi-finals. Fate could conspire in the same formula at City, which could see the ultimate success evade Guardiola once again.

Learn The Main Techniques And Tips For Winning Football Bets

Tips For Winning Football Bets

There are some common mistakes everyone will do when you bet on football matches. In order to succeed in sports betting, you must know where you are playing. Some of the most popular bets on the market are not recommended and can cause you to lose money. And that’s give you tips on how to win football bets and hit the heels of your football bets by following the football betting tips.

Accumulated / Multiple Bets

This type of bet gives you hope to combine high levels and with safe choices. But you need to be careful because the more you accumulate games, the less chance you have to win. Of course, multiplying your bets by playing in the obvious, such as wins from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City makes your chances of winning increase as these teams hardly win the round. However, a zebra and all the money placed is lost. And at least a draw of these clubs is even common from time to time … if you analyze the retrospect you will see that Real Madrid drew many games in the year against inferior teams. Barcelona itself, who are unbeaten this season, drew 1-1 in the final round. That is, anything can happen.

Live Football Betting Tips

Live betting has become popular in recent times, increasing the demand for football betting tips. To play in this mode, it is obvious that the best thing to do is to be following the match to bet in real time. This is the advantage of being able to bet in a live game. You can see who is right and wrong to make your bet. However, the main disadvantage in live betting is: odds are usually low, hard to find with high numbers and the delay can cause your bet to be declined.

Bets On Your Own Team

It is not recommended to bet on your own team. People really have difficulty analyzing with their heads, what moves their heart. They overestimate their team, putting faith and loyalty in their fans, which can take you directly to an ordeal in the betting world. A winning bet in your own club can lead you to lose twice – money staked and sports defeat – which makes a possible negative result more painful.

Tips for Classic Football Betting

Classic bets like Asian Handicap and Over / Under are the most correct bets to make in football. They are the most recommended and least make you lose money as they are where the competition are greatest. The same applies to the bets of definitive winners – this in the long run, but a good game request. Now, escape the scorecasts. This mode is very popular, but with less chance of success.

Always use objective research based on an assessment of all facts with reference to the odds of staking your bets on football. And do not despair! It is very common to double your bet after a losing bet and that is not very effective. Keep following your instinct and study the sport to recoup the loss gradually and make cash for new bets.