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Kean: Pride Comes Before a Fall

“I would be 100% shocked if I was sacked. I still expect to be in charge for our next game.”

There is a fine line between being confident and being disillusioned, and Steve Kean is hanging from that line. 

Blackburn have won just two of their seventeen league matches so far this season, something which has resulted in the Lancashire side finding themselves gift-
wrapped and at the bottom of the Premier League tree. 

Tuesday’s home defeat to Bolton in a game labelled ‘El Sackico’ should have resulted in just that, the dismissal of Kean from the helm of Rovers. But not a murmur, which doesn’t include the hundreds of Blackburn fans who gathered outside the main doors to voice their disapproval of Kean’s tenure. 

Whilst the Scotsman is never going to win any popularity contests, the fans may well appreciate a more honest and realistic to review to their copious defeats. Whilst the positive drivel of Kean is reassuring to his own ego, he comes across as naive and blind to the state in which Blackburn find themselves, much to the displeasure of the Rovers faithful.

The 44-year-old has been in charge for a year at Ewood Park (happy anniversary Steve) but has managed just seven victories in that time. It is a worthy argument that any other club in the Premier League (if not the Football League too) would have dismissed a manager with such a dower record, but Venky’s seem happy with their man. 

The chicken wielding owners appear to not want to lose face on admitting their poor appointment of Kean, allowing him more time than Rovers can afford. 

After losing to Sunderland two weeks ago, Steve Kean bemoaned the referee’s decision to rule out a Chris Samba goal, whilst the rest of the footballing world bemoaned his defensive tactics, which saw his side have every man behind the ball for close to 80 minutes. 

No one can argue that Kean is anything other than persistent and dedicated, but that is his biggest downfall. He can’t possibly be getting any joy from his stint in management, yet he still refuses to walk away, so eager to break into the monopoly of successful management. 

The best present Blackburn fans could have for Christmas is the dismissal of Steve Kean from his management position, although looking from the outside, it may be too little too late, with 20th position at Christmas almost certainly meaning relegation to the Championship. 

With reported unpaid debts and fall outs with Barclays, relegation could hurt more than just the pride of Blackburn, possibly plunging them into the abyss of Championship football, struggling to return. 

Kean has been successful throughout his coaching career, but the step-up has left Kean out of breath, and despite wanting to better himself and deny the fact he has failed, his prolonged pride and optimism is ultimately harming the club, all to retain an inflated ego. 

Alex O’Loughlin @AlexOLoughlin18

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