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The answer to Liverpool’s present and future striking problems

Dirk Kuyt has been one of the most consistent performers for Liverpool since arriving in 2006 from Feyenoord. The phrase ‘Dirk Kuyt works hard for the team’ has been bandied about the English media more times than the statement ‘The Barclays Premier League is the best league in the world.’ The term has been enshrined in the diction of commentators of the English game for the past five years. Upon sight of Kuyt the phrase becomes an oral reflex action for commentators up and down the country. The phrase is somewhat misleading as it detracts from the prolific nature and predatory instincts of the Dutchman. His constant deployment on the right hand side of midfield coupled with his honest nature has not helped his case. Avant followers of the Dutch Eredivisie would not hesitate to tell you that Kuyt is a natural born goal scorer.

Quick on the ground, decent in the air and with a tenacious style he has managed to score a plethora of goals for club and country throughout his career. From his goals that won FC Utrecht the Amstel Cup in 2003 to his hat-trick against Manchester United in early 2011 he has constantly found the back of the net. Before his glamour move to Anfield, Kuyt netted 78 goals in 3 seasons in his tenure at Feyenoord which culminated in him being crowned Dutch footballer of the year. All while playing as a central striker. Critics may question the strength of the Eredivisie but over the last 10 years the league has produced top marksmen such as Robin van Persie, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Luis Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Attackers Wesley Sneijder, Rafael van der Vaart, Arjen Robben and defensive stalwarts Alex, Nigel De Jong and Thomas Vermaelen.

Upon his arrival at Liverpool he was sentenced to the right midfield position by rigid uncompromising tactician Rafael Benitez. Little did Kuyt know that this sentencing would be for 5 straight years and be imposed while on national team duty as well. In order to please his boss and the team he played the position to the best of his abilities, becoming a vital cog in teams that played in UEFA Champions League and World Cup finals. Despite playing in right midfield his natural predatory instincts came to the fore whenever he entered the box. His goal record for Liverpool showcases this as he has scored 65 goals for the reds from right midfield. His international goal count is also impressive as he is 12th on the Netherlands all time goal scoring list with 24 goals, 15 off the all time record. He has scored more goals than Ruud Gullit at international level. All of this while playing out of position and being labelled a hard working midfielder. One could only imagine how much goals he would have netted if he played in his preferred striker position.

Liverpool’s impotence in front of goal thus far this season and Suarez’s impending eight game ban has created an opening in the striking department. A department that misfiring, unfit, and ungainly misfit Andy Carroll certainly has not filled. Carroll’s ‘Old fashion centre forward’ style has been well, old fashioned!! His style has no place in the modern game. Kuyt on the other hand is versed and well suited to the quick and relentless nature of modern football. If released from his sentence and used as a central striker by Kenny Dalglish over the coming months his goals would certainly help Liverpool stake a claim for the coveted forth Champions League spot.

Kevon A. Campbell @Campbell_77

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