Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughDid Chris Foy also send the title to the Etihad on sunday? - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough Did Chris Foy also send the title to the Etihad on sunday? - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

Did Chris Foy also send the title to the Etihad on sunday?

They say that time heals all wounds. Certainly with the result on Sunday, City fans have been left feeling just a little bit wounded by the harsh decision to send off Vincent Kompany early on in an important FA Cup tie with cross town rivals, Manchester United. 

On reflection though this may be a key game for City in their title aspirations. Let’s face it, City were never intent on repeating the FA Cup win of last season. In fact their first priority even before Sunday must surely have been to win the Premiership title. In a few days time City will kick off a two match semi final with Liverpool. Really another tie with a top team in the cup may have been nothing more than a distraction from our title bid. After all, we only won the FA Cup last season, United haven’t lifted that trophy for the best part of a decade.

Let me illustrate my point for you so that you get exactly where I am coming from. Firstly, the negativity that usually follows a Cup exit will be virtually non existent within the City camp and I know, from talking to many fans on the various social networks that you have nothing but pride for the way the boys played out there on Sunday afternoon. So any backlash or doubts from players or fans is not an issue.

Secondly, had we beaten United we would be facing Liverpool (assuming the draw stays as is) on the 28th or 29th of January. That would be only three days after the return Carling Cup leg at Anfield and only a few short days before a tricky tie away to Everton in the league. Another big game within that period may be nothing more than an unwanted distraction. However now we are free that weekend, and one less game to miss the Toures. Across town though United now face a tricky away tie to Liverpool, with all the baggage that tie usually has magnified with this seasons issues. That game is right slap bang in the middle of a tie away to Arsenal (A new Henry inspired Arsenal no less), followed only days later with a game at home to Stoke City.

Now take the story one stage further and lets assume that United defeat Liverpool (as City would almost certainly have done had we been there). The next round of the FA Cup is due to take place in the middle of the two legged Europa League first knockout round. Again, two cup competitions close together and by this stage of the FA Cup, everyone is a threat so no easy games. United take on Ajax in the Europa and they are also no pushovers so the heavy congestion of important matches starts to take its toll. Had City been there they would have faced similar congestion with their participation in the Europa, facing Porto either side of any FA Cup obligation.

Sometimes certain things happen for a reason and maybe we will all look back at the end of the season and we, if we are Champions, may look on Sundays tie as the game that galvanised our team, gave us belief and also eased our fixture congestion a little for the rest of the season.

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