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Does Arsene not know?

Does anybody know … can anybody reveal … can anybody explain … WHY  – Arsenal FC is still faffing about in mid January wondering who we can pick up on loan (or even buy !) as cheaply as possible – to cover our defensive injury crisis ?  And I do mean crisis.

Why did the ‘powers that be ‘ (ie. Arsene) not do all this faffing about in December when it was abundantly clear this crisis was looming. Perhaps we were (ie he was).  Perhaps Arsenal FC has actually been faffing about for six weeks, never mind two? That would be no surprise.

Surely the solution(s) could have been negotiated in (say) December and the paper work have been prepared early. Surely we could have signed a player or players on loan on 2nd January … and he or they could be playing by now.  Instead of which we go to Swansea with a patched up excuse for a back four.

[Something like Miquel, Koscielny, Squillaci, Yennaris. Oh good.]  The lads who play will do their utmost but this is NOT shrewd, decisive management.

Is it because we cannot make up our mind who would be suitable?  Perhaps we are not prepared to pay enough weekly wage?  Perhaps the Omani who plays in division 2 of something will overnight become a terrific Premiership defender?

Perhaps we have been agonising about it being so jolly unfair to poor young Gibbs … who might (or might not) never be injured ever again?  And we would hate to impair his development, wouldn’t we. One hears an important reason why we did not bring Vieira back for a couple of final seasons, was that it might have slowed Song’s development.  Never mind how much Song (and the whole bloody squad) would have learned from Vieira!

While on the why tack … why did we not buy Cahill and Enrique in the 1st place for about the same money as Santos and Mertesacker?  Both top rate, proven Premiership defenders. Well, we know the answer to that one.

 The Bolton Chairman revealed how little AFC had offered for Cahill (irrespective of possible add ons). Arsene copped a strop and would not continue business. And was that to satisfy Arsene’s irritation or to do the club the slightest good?  Who would we rather have … Mertesacker or Cahill?  It’s not rocket science.


Enrique is not without skill and not bad going forward but  is first and foremost a defender. That’s what I would want and what (I believe) most Gooners would want. But not what Arsene would want.  He wants converted wingers / wingbacks … because … “I will never abandon my attacking principles “

Nevertheless….. fingers, legs and all else crossed for the match at mighty Swansea. And does anybody fancy a weakened, unchanged back four against Man. Utd. the following week ?

By the way, having failed to pre organise defensive transfers, we are bound to field a vulnerable back four. I would therefore play one more in midfield (eg, Benayoun) and one less dangerous, erratic winger. We may well need to deny Swansea as much possession as possible – and Man. Utd (!) 

Don’t hold your breath for Arsene to agree.

Take care all,


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