Stevenage fans can rest easy

Football is a family affair…..well in a way.

Managers tend to treat some of their players as if they were their own children, and when a father moves away, then his family move with him.

The same could be said for Graham Westley who last week swapped the play-off chasing highs of Stevenage with the crisis club Preston North End.

As soon as the move was confirmed no doubt Boro supporters must have been fearing Daddy Westley was planning on bringing his little fledgings, who he had guided from non-league football to the heights of League One, up to Preston with him.

But they must fear not. Just like an over-powering mother in divorce proceedings, chairman Phill Wallace put in an agreement as part of the deal that no transfer activity could be conducted between the two clubs until the end of the season-

“In the end we’ve secured the deal we wanted and included within that agreement is a covenant that none of our players can be contacted by anyone at Preston until after the season has ended,” he told the club’s official website.

So the father got the tempted by another women, which the mother could do nothing about but she at least stopped him from taking the kids with as well. 

Football…’s a family affair.


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