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No Need To Get Desperate

“Maybe they’ll try and integrate him back into Manchester City. They could have done with him tonight.”

This was Martin Keown’s sign off from Match Of The Day last night as the BBC’s best and brightest discussed Carlos Tevez’ possible return to Manchester City.

Lets all hope that Roberto Mancini wasn’t watching at home or, if he was, he didn’t take Martin’s comments on board.

 Mancini’s crowning moment of the season so far was when the footballing world came out to support the Italian manager’s actions against the petulant one after that altercation in Munich.

But over the Christmas period, as things became a little tougher then September and August, Mancini has seen his image fall from king of the castle, to card waving moaner.

His interview after the loss to Everton, on what proved to be a very quite deadly e day by City’s standards, was a far cry from the powerful, proud, professional a few months ago. 

Slumped with his head bowed, Mancini told reporters that he was under prepared for the night’s fixture and that he had underestimated his opponents on an embarrassing evening for Manchester’s Blue half. 

The problem with City’s play isn’t in the lack of talent on the pitch. It seems to be in the attitude of his squad, who have appeared to have gone into auto pilot over Christmas.  It’s bred complacency and it needs to be kicked out as soon as possible.

It needs to be kicked out by Mancini, and we need to see him back in the same fiery ruthless attitude that saw City average over three goals a game for the first three months of a season.

City need Mancini back, and he needs City back, or Carlos Tevez could be waltzing back into Manchester and back onto a football field. If that happens, most of the respect Mancini gained will be heading the other way.


Oliver Wilson

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