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Clark’s trumpet goes into overdrive

Huddersfield Town and soon to be Leeds manager Lee Clark has thrown all footballing cliches out of the window and decided just to tell the world how great he is at his job.

‘I’m just going to get on with my job’ and ‘It’s great to be linked with other posts, but I couldn’t possibly comment’ are two of the genereic quotes you normally hear from a coach being linked with a bigger club, but not for our Geordie friend however-

“I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet (he definetely is) but it’s because people outside our football club think I’m doing a good job. I’ve been linked with a number of jobs over the past 12 months, but that’s because our record backs that up.’

“We’ve had only two defeats in 53 league games, the value of the squad is hugely higher than when I came to the club and the corporate side of the club is going through the roof, which is only down to the way the team plays. I don’t think I’m too bad a manager really and that’s why people are interested I think.”

In a way it’s admirable, I mean the record Huddersfield hold is ridiculous, and any manager in their right mind would be proud to call such a feat their own, but it can’t fill Terriers’ fans with much hope, when essentially all the 39 year-old is doing is reading his resume out loud knowing full well that potential employers will be eagerly listening.

Some are saying that moving to Elland Road could be a side-step considering the financial state under Ken Bates stewardship, but either way don’t expect Clark to be managing in the third tier for much longer.


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