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The Fall Of A Glorious Empire At Stamford Bridge

Once upon a time, a Rich Emperor ruled over an army that dreamt of conquering Europe backed by riches beyond the dreams of his enemies.

Money bought loyalty and obedience, and his followers enjoyed some share of the wealth and rewarded it by winning battles on many places, they briefly ruled their island and used that to launch an offensive that took them to Moscow.

However, as history shows, that place has foiled many an army that comes unprepared and the stage tests the will of those who seek to win the war.

In the time of most need their weak willed Captain failed the test of his character and subsequent events showed that to be a failing he would repeat many times over.

The war was lost and the General was removed from office, thus starting the decline of the Empire.

Unable to give the Generals that followed any faith or time to rebuild the confidence of the troops, the cycle of failure led to a lack of investment and strategy.

In fact it turns out that the original strategy relied heavily on a defector named Kenyon, who took plans from the enemy and used the Emperors funds to turn the heads of troops to join the mercenaries in London.

Left wing activists like Robben , gladiators like Essien and weak willed youngsters joined the Roman Army more for money than tradition, selling their souls but not giving their hearts.

As age caught up on the troops, the Emperor began to interfere in the plans of the Generals, and those who had pride left to take over in Spain or other places, while the Emperor bought new clowns to entertain the public with names like Torres and Luiz, more subbuteo than playstation in their style and performance.

The money the troops received turned their heads and they began appearing on the front pages of the town criers script than the back. Cole, Terry and Lampard all featured in this and their performances fell accordingly.

Over time the army slipped into bad ways as the overpaid troops wouldn’t leave and the new recruits found no role models in the ranks.

The Roman Emperor sought ways to build a new Coliseum to quell the uprising in the public, but throwing money at the people only served to weaken his hold on the army.

Eventually the jeering led him to step down and accept that ruling Europe was a fleeting dream that turned into an expensive nightmare.

History shows that money can’t buy you love.

Of course this is just a fairy story.

Steve Burrows @ifollowsteve

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