St Totteringham’s Day is looming


We’ve had to suffer a weekend of non-Arsenal action! I hate those weekends! Although, for the club it’s probably a good thing. It gives the players some extra time to prepare for their next game.

At times like this, it gives us time to reflect on what has been a difficult season. Another trophy-less year but we should have something to celebrate, St Totteringham’s Day (St Totteridge’s Day).

St Totteringham’s Day is the day that it is mathematically impossible for ‘The Spuds’ to finish higher than the The Gunners in the league table. It’s a concept that Arsenal fans have celebrated for nearly 2 decades consecutively. The last time North London’s 2nd team finished higher was back in the 1994-95 season.

For so long during this current season it looked as if the boys from Shite Fart Lane were going to finish above Arsenal but an amazing turn in fortune from the Wenger Boys has given us Gooners something to smile about. Ironically, that run included a 5-2 goal fest against our nearest and dearest. All things going well (Arsenal win all remaining games and Sp*rs lose all remaining games), St Totteringham’s Day could land on 28th April.

Some may say it’s petty that I’m content with finishing above Sp*rs but you must understand that being married and living with ‘Mrs Spud’ has been a mini nightmare!

Gavin White

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