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A Nervous End To The Season Awaits


So Manchester United did it again, they had it in their hands, a 20th title was ours for several minutes as a 3-1 and 4-2 lead begged to become 3 points, but it didn’t happen.

For years I’ve watched Sir Alex Ferguson replace tired players on 70 minutes, he does it like clockwork, a man who looks at his watch more than I look at my iphone, failed to notice that time in this game as a tiring Paul Scholes and the poor form of Antonio Valencia and Rafael, added to Patrice Evra being increasingly exposed by the selfish wanderings of Nani, left us vulnerable to crosses.

Their wings and fullbacks bombed forward while lanky strikers awaited the ammunition …and it arrived.

We conceded 4 goals all from crosses, David ‘Dracula’ De Gea  did little wrong but Rafael did a lot wrong. Poor defending, poor tracking, poor commitment. Where was Phil Jones when we needed him?

This loss of 2 goals is a hammer blow.

Manchester City have an extra point in their goal difference and now know that 3 wins gives them the title.

The talk of a guard of honour for United at City was premature, we know how United make us suffer, can never do it the easy way, always get complacent and are best in adversity. Maybe that is why we love them, because like a friend we can trust them most when the chips are down.

But this weekend was worse than many, because we believed in them. Everton were beaten in their Cup Final only days before, and their season is all but over. So we could just roll them over. But no David Moyes team lies down and frankly they outplayed us for 35 minutes in every part of the field.

Upfront, different story. Wayne Rooney played well, Danny Welbeck was excellent, Nani enigmatic and sometimes brilliant.

Scholes had a poor game, Michael Carrick improved from a poor start. Valencia tired, Rafael was just poor, and Jonny Evans is buying his own publicity and charging forward too often.

Sir Alex lost us this game, he didn’t react, he could have closed up shop but he didn’t.

Leaving the fullbacks exposed by the wings was an easy fix, they had no other way to score. Leaving the door open was a basic error of judgement. One too many this season for me.

But now at least we have a big game to end the season at City, and if we lose I am sure it ends it for us. Yes that’s defeatist but be honest, they have been better than us for most of the season and frankly if they beat us twice, and beat us well then they deserve it. 6-1 was no fluke, and a heavy beating at Etihad Stadium would tell me the tide has turned.

If we beat them and go on to take the title then I’d be celebrating for a week, but know that we saved ourselves when there was no need.

Imagine if we rely on Newcastle United to save us? I’d luv it, luv it , luv it if the Toon gave us the trophy.

Oh the significance of the next 2 weeks is mouthwateringly enjoyable.

This is how football is meant to be. The agony and the ecstasy, the drama and the nail biting , the love and the hate. Its passion.

In 1976 I watched the decline of United into nothingness for years, and no matter how hard I try not to smile, the fact we are so close to the title yet so far is exciting enough for me to enjoy it.

If this was a book it would be unreadable, as nobody could write stuff like this and expect the reader to believe it.

Come on United!


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