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Manchester derby preview


So much has been made of the Manchester derby match on Monday in which a win for City will see them leapfrog above United with two games left to go. It was only a few games ago when City were considered dead and buried with regards challenging United for the title and that for me is where the real victory comes in. 

Alex Ferguson has said that this is the most important derby game in his history at the helm of United and for United, it is true. A defeat to City at the Etihad will see their grip on the title slip away and they will be looking down the barrell of a season with no trophy, well Charity Shield apart. 

For City though, while it is important it as not as important. certainly as a City fan you never want to lose to United but if City do not win the Premier League title this year and finish trophy less, so what? Other than last year it will be no different than any other season. we have already have our biggest Premiership points tally ever and will finish the season at least second, our highest Premiership finish ever. We are improving and if not this year then next year. The fact is we are starting our journey whereas United are in the last chance saloon. 

Mancini has played the last few interviews very well indeed by claiming that the title was beyond his team and that it was Fergies to lose. The mind games are now being reversed and has put all the pressure on the boys from Salford. Eight points clear bookies were paying out and United fans and staff were popping the champagne. ‘They had been there before’ we had been told. ‘They know how to finish the season strong’, well dropping five points in the last two weeks is not what I consider strong. In fact I consider it a very significant wobble and shift of power in Manchester.

After this game on Monday certainly United have the easier run in with a home tie to Swansea, who are now safe and an away fixture to Sunderland, whereas City travel to Newcastle United, who despite their blip this weekend to Wigan will be no push over before finishing off the season home to relegation battling QPR, with ex players and Mark Hughes looking at our scalp as possibly their last fight for safety. Interestingly though when City won their last title in 1968 we were points behind United in the run in.

The final three games saw us three points behind United and when we won and they lost it left two games for one team to pull ahead, United lost to Sunderland on the final day and we beat Newcastle to give that daylight on the final day. Is it coincidence that the two Manchester clubs are the same points apart from each other as they were 44 years ago? Is it a coincidence also that two games remaining are against  teams that separated us on the final day that year also? 

If City lose on Monday then the title is without doubt Uniteds, six points ahead with only six to play for is not mathematically impossible, but will be too much for Mancinis men. A draw still gives us an outside chance but again the odds are on Uniteds side a win however, turns it into a best of two season with the first to blink ending trophyless.

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