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Football Friends Euro 2012 Predictions (#WrightorWrong)


Before every Euro 2012 match Ian Wright will unleash his inner gambler and predict the score. On this page you’ll find Football Friends Online as well other popular football bloggers from across the web wading into debate to make their expert predictions too.

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But as the action gets under way, will they be Wright, or will they be wrong? Follow the #WrightorWrong hashtag on Twitter and lend your voice to the debate.


England vs Ukraine

Brad Smith – England 2 Ukraine 1. Rooneys inclusion will help the Three Lions, and I am backing a tight match which will open up second half and England should come through it by the odd goal.

Dan Whiteway- England 1-0 Ukraine The hype is starting to build dangerously around the England set up after a middling display against Sweden and the return of Wayne Rooney. Hype equals expectations equals failure, remember? Any other team of a similar stature to England, I’d confidently predict an Ukraine defeat but…well…it’s England you know? England should win this game but it won’t be pretty, it won’t be efficient but they’ll just scrape through.


Paul Hill -England 2-1 Ukraine. After last Friday’s crazy spectacle, who knows what could happen tonight. Hodgson will probably go for the win but won’t be planning any adventurous formation knowing a draw is enough. Danny Welbeck is high on confidence and Wayne Rooney will be wanting to make up for lost time. Those two alone, along with their collectie understanding, should be enough.


Scott Balaam – England 2-0 Ukraine – Rooney’s back and I fully expect him to get on the scoresheet, I just wish he would sing the national anthem! A sad end for Sheva, who got off to a great start with his brace against Sweden but his (likely) last game for the national team will end in defeat.


Ben McAleer – England 2-1 Ukraine – An important game for both teams. If England can avoid defeat, the go through, whereas the co-hosts need to win to progress. However, England will need to top the group to avoid Spain in the quarter finals, meaning the more goals the better. I think they have enough about them to edge Ukraine, but only by the solitary goal. Can see Wayne Rooney marking his return with a goal, but also a red card and some stage in the game.


France vs Sweden

Brad Smith – France 2 Sweden 1. The Swedes will not simply roll over, and it wouldnt surprise me if they took the lead again and then lost it. The French could just have enough for them still, but dont be surprised to see a score draw here.

Dan Whiteway- Sweden 0-2 France France beat Ukraine, Ukraine beat Sweden, France will beat Sweden right? Yeah, pretty much though its far from a forgone conclusion. Sweden’s defence is more ponderous than a WWI tank which France will exploit to good effect but the Swedes have the pressure off and will be free to play under no pressure. France to win it, not comfortably but not edgily either.

Paul Hill – Sweden 0-2 France. The French really started to find their form in the second half of their last match and that doesn’t bode well for the the remaining countries. Sweden meanwhile, have looked particuarly fragile at the back so far, a trait not normally associated with Scandanavian teams, they won’t be able to handle the Le Blues attacking threat and have nothing to play for. 

Scott Balaam – Sweden 1-2 France – France will fly into a two goal lead, take their foot off the gas and then see the Swedes pull one back. Benzema to star, like Ronaldo, it’s his turn to turn up!


Ben McAleer – Sweden 0-2 France – With the French all but through, confidence will be high in Laurent Blanc’s camp. Sweden have only pride to play for, although comments this week by Zlatan Ibrahimovic suggest otherwise. Karim Benzema to net first in a routine win for Les Bleus. 


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