Huntelaar and Adebayor would be the double swoop Rodgers needs at Liverpool


Liverpool have been blessed with many quality strikers in recent years, with the likes of Rush, Fowler, Owen and Torres, but having a quartet or a trio of unique forwards has rarely been seen in the reds history. With clubs like Manchester united now possessing the likes of Hernandez, Rooney and Welbeck it is evident that Brendan should surely be looking to replicate this firepower or else ‘the process of winning the title’ will be less than fruitful.  

Klass Jan Huntelaar and Emanuel Adebayor have both been linked with the Anfield outfit, with the former reportedly having a release clause of £17 million pounds, whilst the latter is reportedly a big hit with Rodgers. The clips of Huntelaar in a Schalke shirt, and Adebayor when he was at Real Madrid, prove how pivotal and realistic acquisitions they can be for Liverpool.             

Whilst in reality a double swoop might not come off, it could be argued that Suarez and Carroll have both struggled to replace the Fernando Torres who was in full pomp before his injuries, as a combined total of 32 goals since arriving last January is not good enough. Such a total could easily be eclipsed by Huntelaar and Adebayor, with both players possessing the ability to turn the 10 draws that was incurred, into wins. Crucially both players created a total of 13 assists, such a facet to the pairs game, would surely bring out the best in Liverpool’s midfield next season.

Many reading this article will argue the inclusion for Luis Suarez to form a ‘fantastic four’, but such a fantasy is something which may not happen and with good reason too. FSG and Rodgers would both have had lengthy discussions about the troubled Uruguayan. In all honesty the Luis Suarez deal was always going to be a short term fix to appease worried kopites, as his disciplinary issues, were always going to blow up once again. With the introduction of several new members of the Liverpool media communications team such as Jen Chang, would the club risk facing another controversy? As harsh as it appeared, I for one did not take to Luis Suarez, because with great swagger comes bad temperament, such a combination is one which Liverpool can do without.

So going back to the players in question, I think the combined singings would herald a new dawn for the club, where the fans can finally see players who are worthy of wearing the Liverpool jersey and would take the burden off players such as Gerrard, Reina, Skrtel and Agger from continuously carrying the team. Liverpool fans must take caution when wishing to see likes of Bellamy and Suarez continue on at Liverpool, because such opportunities within the transfer market may not arise so timely!

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