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Glazers reign to continue

News that the Glazer family have applied for a place on the stock market in New York may not be the news that Manchester United supporters want to hear.

The recent announcement that the family needs to lower their debt makes for interesting timing, considering that Manchester City have just pipped their rivals to the title on the last day.

With the seemingly limitless wealth of Shiekh Mansour, City’s owner, it could be that the Glazer’s are worried that the debt that United find themselves in could be a serious threat to the long term success of the 19 times Champions of England.

With debt remaining at £423million, the clubs owners are trying to find a way of reducing, if not eradicating, the Red Devils debt.

Their solution is the introduction of A and B shares, of which only A shares will be available to purchase on Wall Street. They will possess B shares, which are worth 10 times as much as the A shares that can be bought by the public.

No doubt that the American’s are optimistic that by listing one of world football’s biggest names on the Stock exchange, they can increase Manchester United’s worth and, in doing so, pay off their remaining debts.

They have also announced that the club will be continue to be run in the family, with Malcom Glazer’s offspring maintaining and managing the club on a day to day basis.

After taking the club off the London Stock exchange after their take over, putting Sir Alex Ferguson’s men on the New York equivalent will force the owners to be open and honest about dealings.

With United commanding a global fan base, the Glazer family are playing on this in order to try and rid the club of debt and mount a push for glory again in the coming seasons.

Below is the opening part of a TV programme, regarding reactions of Manchester United fans to the Glazer’s take over.