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Five things Villas Boas has to do at Tottenham


5 things the new Spurs’ boss needs to do in his new role.

Get the players onboard
One thing, AVB should of learnt at Chelsea stint was the simplistic nature of player power. With hard heads like Lampard and Terry to name a few, AVB failed to convert his ideas, which ultimately crushed him during his reign. The Portuguese has to get the players on his side and form a united dressing room. Breaking up the group, reminiscence of his actions of excluding certain Chelsea players will harm the unity in the squad and begin turning the tide on Portuguese.  

Resolve the Modric Situation
The big equation floating around the Tottenham board and dressing room. The Croatian wants Champions League football, but with Spurs’ unlucky failure last season, he missed out again. AVB can’t let the situation drag on like Redknapp did. Its either he gets the Croatian to stay or sells him for a high rate and spend the profit on a new squad. Waiting for the last moment to sell him, might cost the team.

Sort out the Striker Colduldrum
To keep Adebayor or not? The Togolese hit wants gets paid a pretty wage, one that Tottenham can’t and given David Levy’s history, won’t match; something Manchester City can. Another loan option isn’t possibly, as City want to cut their wage bill. Jermaine Defoe is the only other forward on the list, but after an average season, the hunt is on for another lethal striker, as their list is quite short.

Buy another centre back
Redknapp brought a plethora of centre backs; problems arose, from injuries to indifferent forms. Michael Dawson has been injured for a while; William Gallas’ youth is deserting him and Ledley King is on his last legs. They can maybe hold out another season, but AVB needs another solid defender in the backline; one that is youthful, fit, consistent to fit into AVB’s high pressure game plan. The search begins…

Fix the tactical enigma
AVB loves his 4-3-3, with a Barcelona flow and movement. It failed at Chelsea with the players unable to adapt. It ultimately cost him his job, as by the time he went back to the basics, the knives were out behind AVB’s back. This can’t occur at Tottenham, with a trigger happy David Levy hovering behind him (He fired Juande Ramos, a couple of weeks, after a poor start), AVB needs to hit the ground running. And getting the tactics spot on from the beginning will help.  

Andrew Bishara

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