The GLT Debate

Quite ironically it seems you’re either one side of the line or the other on the ‘goal-line technology debate’.

It is the argument of the purist against the modernist. Sorry to bring it up but as is always mentioned, tennis rugby and cricket have embraced technology whether it has been reluctant or not fans of those sport tend to agree technology has improved the sport.

In the cases of tennis and cricket the Hawk-eye system is used under a referral system. Reviewing umpire decisions has moved the sports forward in eradicating the major errors.

Football fans argue the introduction of goal-line technology will slow down the tempo of the game so the candidates have adapted their systems so no replays are incorporated in coming up with the correct decisions. Any goal that the referee isn’t able to give is sent as an alert to their watch.

The criteria for goal-line technology systems are based on requirements set by IFAB (International Football Association Board)

  • ·         The goal-line technology applies solely to the goal line and only to determine whether a goal has been scored or not;
  • ·         The goal-line technology must be accurate;
  • ·         The indication of whether a goal has been scored must be immediate and automatically confirmed within a second;
  • ·         The indication of whether a goal has been scored will be communicated only to the match official (via the referee’s watch, by vibration and visual signal).

Following rigorous tests the 2 systems left are Hawk-eye Technology and GoalRef Technology.

The 2 remaining systems will be trialled continually as FIFA and IFAB search for the most accurate to introduce to professional football.

If technology is introduced it won’t be long before there is clamour for every contentious to be judged with technology.

I am a fan of using goal-line technology to come up with the correct decision but where we stop using technology to get to the right decision needs to be assessed.

Sam Jewell


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