How Would You Celebrate? (Video)

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You have just signed for the Premier League club of your dreams, on a four- year contract worth millions of pounds. The press, as well as your own fans are uncertain on your ability and have already written you off.

You have already fallen out with the manager because of a training ground incident and he announces that you will be warming the bench for the first game of the season, which just so happens to be against your fiercest local rivals.

5 minutes from the end of the game, the striker who started ahead of you goes into a fifty-fifty tackle with an opposing defender, coming off worse and injuring his foot.

The manager looks to every substitute before realising you’re his only option, and tells you to get ready, whilst letting out a huge sigh. You can hear the comments from your own fans about what a ‘waste of space’ you are and how their grandmother is better than you in every aspect of the game.

You take your place on the pitch for your debut and play resumes. The defenders are giving you a hard time and you haven’t had a touch of the ball by the time the fourth official announces that there will be just one minute of added time.

As the referee glances at his watch, the ball somehow deflects into your path and only a defender and the goalkeeper stand in your way of being a hero. You beat with the defender with ease and unleash a shot that no keeper in the world could even dream of saving, to win the game. The crowd erupt.

How do you celebrate?

Some of the more interesting celebrations can be seen in the video below.

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