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Ian Holloway – The Jester (Video)

Whether you love him or loathe him, you would have to search far and wide for someone to admit that the man known as ‘Ollie’ does not entertain them.

One of football’s notorious funny-men, Ian Holloway has never taken himself seriously and has always been game for a laugh. The 49-year old has made himself one of the most liked personalities in the game, not only because of his witty remarks and stories during press conferences and interviews, but also because of his bold west-country accent and the way he prods fun of fellow professionals.

Whichever side of the fence you are on when it comes to the current Blackpool manager, ‘Ollie’ continues to prove himself as a breath of fresh air in the world of management. While other managers are exchanging insults and bad-mouthing referees, Holloway will be found telling tales about his pet chickens or stories concerning his childhood.

There is another side to Holloway, however, and despite his laid back attitude off the pitch, no one can question his determination and ability of being a manager. Throughout his managerial career, his seriousness has come into question a number of times, but when he lead his Blackpool team to the glory of the Premier League through the Championship Play Offs, the questioning soon stopped.

Away from football, the balding Bristolian has a number of books published, which include his ‘Little Book of Ollie’isms’. The book is full of the crazy metaphors he has used in recent years during his chats with the press, and sayings that have been passed down from his father.

Love him or hate him, Ian Holloway has become the most popular interviewee in English football. 

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