Non League Star Destined For The Football League

Connor Cranmer is a 19 year old left back currently playing for Harlow Town in The Ryman Isthmian Football League – North Division. Connor has also had stints at youth level with professional clubs Ipswich Town and Colchester United, where he played for Heybridge Swifts on loan.




At what age did you start playing football and tell us a bit about your footballing history to date.

When I was younger I didn’t actually enjoy playing football that much up until the age of 12. After that I played for a sunday league side before being picked up by Ipswich between the ages of 13 to 16. That was a good experience where I got to play against sides like Manchester United, I played in Holland for a bit and won the Gallway Cup. I got picked up at Scotland U17 level as well which was good. Once I turned 16 I signed as a scholar for Colchester for two years where I had a spell on loan at Heybridge Swifts which was a good experience playing against men and that helped my game a lot.


As a former youth player at Southend United and Colchester United, what was the best piece of advice that was handed down to you that you can pass down to future players?

I think the best piece of advice really was to always stay focused and always concentrate, and always staying focused on that goal of earning a contract.


Who has been the inspiration behing you chasing a career in football?

I don’t think anyone has been an inspiration really just the fact I like playing it. To be honest I couldn’t really imagine having a normal job. I love playing football and I just want to keep going.


Tell me what impact had on you finding your new club.

To be honest with you they helped a lot. They helped me get my name out there which is really important. I searched around for clubs on my own but they were a big help with all the contacts they had.


Moving on to your current club Harlow Town, what are your aims and expectations for the season ahead and how are you settling in since arriving in August?

Yeah the people here are lovely and there’s an enjoyable group of lads here. This season we’re looking to get into the playoffs. I just want to be playing every game and the manager has told me I will be because I don’t want to be sitting on the bench all season.


Harlow Town this season still haven’t managed a win at home despite two league away wins, what would you say is stopping Harlow earning that first home win of the season?

I don’t really think it’s the fact that we’re playing at home or away, it’s just the performances we put in as a team. I don’t really feel any added pressure either way. I can understand why people say that but the way we prepare and approach the game is no different.

What are the biggest differences you have discovered between life in professional football and non-league football?

The biggest change is not having to be at training every single day where at a professional club you are almost training 24/7. Even little things like training at night instead of the day, the whole experience can feel like it has been switched around.


Have you ever been caught up in the footballing craze of football manager? And, if so, (full honesty required), have you ever tried to sign yourself as manager?

When the game first came out all the boys were excited with it and seeing their names and stats on the game. To be honest I haven’t really signed myself (yet), my stats aren’t too good either so I don’t think I will be!


Outside from football how do you substitute the thrill of playing in a match during your spare time?

When you’re playing football there’s not a lot that ever compares to that. I do other competitive things like play tennis with my mates but nothing ever compares to that feeling of being on the pitch and wanting to win the match, and that feeling you get when you win a match.


Where does Connor Cranmer see himself in five years time?

In five years time I want to be playing for a professional club. I think having a goal of playing for a League One club in five years time is not an unrealistic aim and something that I want to achieve. 

Tomos Llewellyn

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