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A Fans Challenge: Adopt a New League (Video)

With the domestic European leagues now taking a break for the international period there has never been a better time to adopt a new league.


Many fans are comfortable sitting back watching the Premier League week in week out, rarely venturing outside games involving English competitors in European competitions. Some genuinely do not want to escape from their ‘comfort zone football’ because of the billing that the Premier League is the best in the world and, therefore, no other league could live up to such high standards. Which, the longer you think about it, is in fact a totally absurd claim.


So pick up the remote or switch over to a different highlights website and watch some foreign football. There’s plenty of tasty offerings from domestic leagues around the world and watching them at an age of global media could not be easier.


Perhaps start off with familiar leagues and players, leagues like La Liga and Serie A are perfect for those first tentative steps. Fancy watching Joey Barton (surely?) lose his head in Marseille colours? Switch over to Ligue 1. How about watching a totally bonkers league where the title contenders change season after season? Then the German Bundesliga should suit you well. Beyond Europe, Brazil are currently offering a feast of spectator football and the sight of Neymar alone should be enough to persuade. Even watching David Beckham and Thierry Henry in the MLS could be a sight to relish for any football fan.


Personally I have been fully converted to the wonders of the Russian Premier League. Having done so a few months ago there has been no going back. Just imagine the extra excitement as the transfer window shut in England, only to come alive in Russia. The thrill of playing a game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ with David Bentley at FC Rostov will surely never fail to amuse.


If you needed any more persuasion, here’s five good reasons why Liverpool should be very wary of FC Anzhi Makhachkala in the upcoming Europa League group stage, including (personally speaking) a goal of the season so far by Samuel Eto’o.


Tomos Llewellyn



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