Bad boy Balotelli in new bust up with Bobby Mancini (Video)

Here we go again then! Balotelli and Mancini are at loggerheads about a lot of nothing again. 

A rift is brewing again after Roberto Mancini reportedly ‘pushed’ Mario Balotelli down the tunnel, after Arsenal salvaged a point at The Etihad this past Sunday. 

The Mail have reported that Balotelli said something to the City boss after the final whistle, presumably about his lack of minutes as he was introduced in the 85th. Mancini’s response was to place his hand on his countrymans back and ‘shove’ him down the tunnel. 

‘I don’t remember anything with Mario,’ said the City manager. ‘It’s possible I did (push him).

Mancini says that he will talk to him about it – however this wasn’t his main concern as he explained he was worried about his sides leaky back line. City seem to be struggling to hit their stride at the moment, however Arsenal have a decent record against them of late so this game might not have been the one to get City up and running. After the opening 40 minutes, Mancini would have been happy to grab a point I’m sure.

This isn’t the first time that the two have collided, so how many chances does Super Mario have left with Big Bobby? There were rumours that the pair had fallen out ahead of the Madrid fixture in the week which may have been the reason for Balotelli’s bench warming appearance this Sunday.

The big man himself though has said he is ‘very happy’ at City. Only time will tell but how long does Mario have left have left before he gets the hump one too many times?