The League Cup: Not pointless to all (video)


The League Cup is often criticised for being pointless.  For small clubs, it clogs up an already packed schedule and big clubs don’t even bother putting a proper team out.  But this attitude suddenly changes when your team reaches the final.  Suddenly its silverware, a trophy and a glorious memory for your club.

But the ‘mickey mouse cup’ as it is often referred to has played a vital part in the life of certain clubs.  One of these clubs is Luton Town.  The Hatters League Cup triumph against Arsenal in 1988 is the only major silverware the club has ever won (excluding lower league titles and the Johnston Paint Trophy).

Luton scored two goals in the last 10 minutes to come from behind and beat the mighty Gunners.  Arsenals were defending champions of the competition at the time and, although Luton were in the top division as well at the time, they were considered massive underdogs in the game.

Since this glorious moment for the Hatters, Luton have suffered six relegations, three of which coming in consecutive seasons.  The club now find themselves in the 5th tier of English football, a division that doesn’t even take part in the competition.  Try telling Luton fans that the League Cup isn’t important, it is to them.

Tom DiMaio


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