AVB is now the messiah! (Video)

What a difference a week makes!

AVB this week masterminded Tottenham Hotspurs first victory at Old Trafford in 23 years. 

That’s proper victory by the way you White Hart Laners, Pedro Mendes’ goal was never given no matter how much you screamed at the telly that night… 

I can honestly say, as a neutral(ish) fan, it was a cracking game that had all the ingredients and Tottenham were well worthy of their points. United tried gallantly to pull off a Ryder Cup esque miracle, however they were denied on many occasions by the brilliant Brad Friedel and Tottenham’s 12th man, the goal frame.

So Mr AVB, how does it feel to go from a clueless idiot to the best manager Tottenham have ever had, all in the space of 7 days? OK maybe that’s a drastic account of how some fans are feeling but they sure are a lot happier with him now. He’s silenced a few critics with this performance, but it’ll take a lot more to convince everyone, he’s still got 32 games to go yet. 

But what about Hugo?!! 

Well he’s still on the bench and he must have been praying for Brad Friedel to concede late on – instead the Metal loving Yank stood his ground admirably and repelled wave upon wave of United attacks. Sorry Hugo, you’re going to have to keep your parka on and your butt on that mahogany. You’ll not be in the news for a while now.

There was something for the neutrals in this game too in that this result has dented the title hopes of United and dragged them back into the furore that is the chasing pack. All we need now is for someone to catch that Chelsea and it’ll be a cracking season. 

Here’s another look at the Pedro Mendes ghost goal 🙂