Match of the Day: what’s happened?

We all know the opening music, the famous trumpets and the catchy melody. Even those who don’t watch Match of the Day are familiar with the music which speaks to how long the show has been around for and its status as something of a national institution.

Before the advent of 24 hour rolling sports news coverage (namely Sky Sports news) and the ease of the internet, Match of the Day was a must for football fans who wanted to watch the highlights of the day. For me growing up, when there weren’t as many games shown on T.V, Match of the Day was an event, a treat if you will. I was allowed to stay up late on a Saturday night and watch Des Lynam present all the scores and highlights and it was brilliant.

In recent years, though, the show has lost something. Maybe it’s Des Lynam. More likely is that there isn’t that sense of excitement surrounding it anymore as the truth is that you have probably already seen the highlights.

Why do I still watch it then? For the punditry? That’s pretty shoddy too, to be honest, and completely biased. I continue watching it because I have been doing it for so long now it has become tradition. I do, however, skip all the gibberish inbetween the highlights. The presenters spend more time trying to crack crap jokes than actually talk about the football and was there really a need for another Match of the Day spin off (yes, I’m looking at you Motd 3).

So, how to spice things up for Match of the Day? Well, firstly, I recommend getting bringing in someone to replace Colin Murray as presenter of Motd 2. I don’t mind Gary Linekar presenting Motd, he’s a national legend and he’s got a fit wife, but what does Murray bring to the table? An awkward style and naff jokes, that’s what. Bring back Desmond. 

Next step is axe Motd 3, I have no idea why a third instalment of the show is needed. Also, employ Harry Redknapp on a full time basis as he is the best ‘guest’ pundit they have and we all love Harry.

Hear this plea then BBC and return Motd to its former glory.

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